It’s Kinda Weird… Yuma, AZ

Time For Some Niceties

I have been staying in my jeep for a couple of days as I lolligag around Arizona with no real plan in mind. Yuma, like Bisbee, is just a town I happen to find myself in. I was in need of  a real bed. My body can only take a few days in the jeep. Then, I begin to crave the luxury  comfort of sheets,  a private bathroom, and a mattress! I was so tired. There was little shopping around to do. I saw a sign and I was hooked.

I didn't really need the swan towel display but it was a nice touch.

A room at the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel ran $89 for a night . It was a needed extravagance for sure, but as I have to remind myself sometimes; "I am worth it!" There was nothing lavish about the hotel. It was very clean and it offered a free full hot breakfast. I was sold.


Touring Yuma

I spent the day after a good night's sleep touring the town. It's a weird town, but I like it. It reminds me a lot of Lake Havasu - sans the beautiful blue water. They are both towns rich in history and welcome tourists. They are both also towns that seem to be saturated in the old of better days while struggling to become more in poor economies. Here, most of the folks I meet are from Canada and are here for dental work and cheap pharmaceuticals.


My favorite part was my visit to the Yuma Territorial Prison Museum& Park. I love to learn about history of all kinds. They charged $8 for full access to an amazing window into the past.

It was a marvel to learn so much about the area, the prison, and the people associated with it in every way. I saw a few people there, but for the most part the place was mine to explore at leisure. So that's what I did and I enjoyed every minute of it. The gift shop was even fairly priced and I purchased a few things for the grandchildren without wallet stress.

I am happy with many of the photographs I take. It's just that sometimes I forget to take pictures that include myself. When I do, I often feel they are not very good.  I know some folks think they are corny but I don't care. At some point I will invest in a self-stick!

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