Skipping the Line in Los Algadones, Mexico

An Example Of How Travel Can Be Very Afforadbale.

Today started with a wonderful hot breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Open to the public and hotel guest alike is the Yuma Landing Bar & Grill. Guests are given a guest's only menu with limited choices compared to guest menu. But, the choices were still numerous and everything is cooked to order. I ordered 2 eggs, 2, sausage links, hash browns, toast, and unlimited orange juice. Best of all, it was all included with the cost of the room.

Into Mexico

My plan for the day was to head over into Los Algadones. After a short drive, I parked on the US side and walked over. Family and friends are often concerned with my south of the border trips. But I have been to many Mexican border towns and as long as I have stayed within the main village I have never felt unsafe. In border towns such as Los Algadones, there is always a lot of other tourists all around and often noticeable security.


This particular border town has many of the same types of businesses and vendors geared towards the American and Canadian tourist as others I have visited. It also has beautiful residential areas one can view from town as well as an elementary school and a few parks within the center of town. I took a break and sat on a bench happily watching the children exit school at the end of the day and watched as their parents picked them up for the walk home.



Live music can be found throughout the town and it doesn't cost a dime to cop a squat and enjoy. And, the people here are friendly. I ate lunch at La Parrilla Restaurant and Bar where I paid $12 for a cold beer and a heaping plate of chicken quesadillas, rice, and two tacos. The food was wonderful! The next purchase later in the day is 2 glazed donuts from a local baker. They were happy to take American currency and I was amazed that the wanted less than 30 cents for both. I gave them $1 and told the couple running the bakery to keep the change.


Onto The Skip

On my way back to the US, a man with a broom in hand kept asking me for $2. I tend not to hand out money to beggars, but every once in a while I cave. I gave him the money and the next thing I know he indicated for me to follow him. Now, if he wanted me to follow him further away from border, I would have stayed put no question. But, he indicated he wanted me to follow him closer towards the border.


Jeep Creepin' while waiting in line to exit Mexico

The line was extremely long. And I honestly had no idea he was taking me to the front of the line. The border agent he brought me to appeared to understand, as if this may be a regular practice. I felt just a little guilty I didn't have to wait as the others I passed had. Ultimately, I was very grateful as this allowed me the time to walk from my hotel over to the beautiful Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens. For $6 I learned more about the area and the "Merchant Prince of Yuma." I even had time to lounge poolside before sundown! My total for day minus hotel = $21. The folks at the hotel were sweet. Since I booked more than one night they dropped the price of my room to $70 a night.


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