How Virginia DOT Saves Travelers!

My First Blow-Out

Since I am so tired, I decided not to push it and have stopped in Joppa Maryland for the night. My nerves got an unwanted shot of adrenaline today! I had my first tire blow-out. And of course I was in the far-left lane! It was just outside of Woodbridge, VA. on I95 and I nearly caused a major accident.

My son, Devon, had purchased the Verizon HUM unit for me for Christmas last year. I also have AAA Plus. After nearly veering into other motorists I am able to get to the right shoulder of the highway. I was a little shaken naturally. For a few moments I just breathed deeply.

Then, I began to dial AAA. While I am on hold, I pressed the Emergency button on the HUM unit (it's similar to On-Star). A HUM representative answers and I begin to tell her what happened. Suddenly, a  truck pulls up behind me and a large man begins to approach me. I am glad I am still in my Jeep with the doors locked! As he nears me me I roll the window down about 6 inches. I asked the HUM rep to stay on the phone while I figure out what this man wants and she said she would be happy too.


Turns out, to my great delight, the man works for the state of Virginia. His job is to drive the highways of the state assisting motorists. He'll fix your flat tires, give a little gas, or whatever help he can manage. If something requires more than his can handle, he even waits with the disabled vehicle until another form of help arrives.

I had hung up on AAA, thanked the HUM rep, and allowed this man to change my tire gratefully. Have you ever heard of a state offering this kind of free service to it's motorists? This was a new one for me and I still haven't heard of another. As soon as I can I will be sending Craig, the man from the truck, and Virginia's Department of Transportation a very sincere thank you note of appreciation!

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