Wine Country Gift Baskets

Where's Our Tower?

What feels like many years ago we received a Tower of Sweets from my brother Jimmy and his wife, Norma, who live in Texas. My first thought was, "Oh, no. More sweets for the kids!" I was beginning to feel like every year the sweet season begins in October and last well into each new year. From birthday parties, school parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years - it was all a big bundle of sugar, chocolate, cakes, etc. Then it dawned on me... that's what tooth brushes are for! The kids had so much fun withe unwrapping the tower and finding out what surprises lay in each pretty box and container. I began to get excited too! And, as it turns out, I ate much from the tower as the kids did!

Year after year different towers came. Year after year we enjoyed them. Then, one year they stopped coming. We were all thinking, "Where is our tower?"


Ever since I got over the initial wariness of more sweets to monitor - with myself and with the kids, I have been a huge fan of Wine & Country Gift Baskets. We started to get their catalog in the mail and it was fun to peruse their latest additions and see what favorites they still carried. I totally understood why my brother decided to send that first tower!

I began to start sending out gifts from them as well. And not just their candy/sweets. My father-in-law was a wine connoisseur. He had a wine cellar that was completely impressive. We began to use Wine and Country to send him additions to his collection. And, not just at Christmas. He loved receiving these gifts. I'll bet every one out there knows the type of guy that wants for nothing. And, if they do want something they just go buy it for themselves. I used to tell my husband, stop getting every little thing that come to mind so that there is something the kids can get you as gifts and see you enjoy and use. Come birthday or Christmas they would ask him, "What do you want?" He always said nothing! His father was just that way. So are many men, I know.

Anyway, I ended up very grateful for that first sweet tower we received. In return, I ended up finding great ideas from Wine & Country to give to others, especially the hard to buy for folks in my life.

Here are a few reasons...

  1. I love their wine selection.
  2. Their Wine of the Month Club is the best!
  3. They have gifts kids will love too - (check out their Snowman Tower!)
  4. They offer free shipping on a lot of products.
  5. They have a HUGE selection of gifts/items under $30 all the time!
  6. They have something to suit every budget.
  7. They have something for every occasion/holiday.
  8. Whether it's I need to purchase distinctive corporate gifts or to buy something for friends and family, they have unique gift ideas.
  9. All of Wine Country Gift Basket's gifts are backed by a Best Value and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 
  10. They always have great sales going on - I love a sale!

I've Become That Person

Over the years I have become the type of person that is getting harder and harder to buy for. I'm not a minimalist in the full sense of the term But, I am close! So, to all those looking for the perfect gift for me, now you know where to go! And to my brother and his wife, keep those towers coming! 🙂

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