2018 Valentines Day Gift Guide For Her

Valentines Day will be upon us before we know it. Yes, we just got through the major December's holidays and the start of the new year. But, the clock will not stop. There are no breaks. In a little over a month, it will be here whether we are ready or not.

“In the eighteenth century, historians tell us, 'valentinage,' from which Valentine's Day was derived, allowed wives in northern France to make love, on a few days each year and with the knowledge of their husbands, with a 'valentine' of their choosing.” 
― Pascal BrucknerThe Paradox of Love

Now, times have certainly changed! 200 years later Valentines Day is a major event for some. You may not consider it a major holiday, but even if it's not a "big deal" to you, it is a day you want to be prepared for ahead of time. No last minutes shopping for this, the holiday of love. Try running to Target after work on the 13th and it will show. 

In light of this, I have taken some time to gather some of the best gifts for women trending this year. Some are very pretty - like the clover necklace. Some are special treats - like the luxurious gifts sets. Some are very useful - like the crock pot (it's an awesome crock pot!) Some are unique - like the handmade flower preserver. And, some are just fun - like the teddy bear.


These are some of my favorite picks from the hottest trends. For more, here is an Amazon link that will offer a variety of great ideas. You can also check out my Gift Ideas page for gifts that range from make-up to gorgeous gift baskets of all kinds.

It may be old-fashioned, but if you still haven't found anything you think will tickle her fancy, fresh beautiful flowers are always an option. Just don't even think about buying them at a gas station. She will know where you got them!

Now, if you are looking to buy her a great gift, these products and the above links will certainly give you a ton of options. But, don't think that just because you purchase her a gift she will really love that you get away with a generic card and just signing your name. Take the time to write something personally meaningful inside it - even if it is only a sentence or two. She may love your gift, but she will cherish your words!

Money still tight after the recent holidays? No Worries. Here are some great romantic ideas that will not tap your wallet.

Hottest Trends in Valentine's Day Gifts For Her - Nisi Wanders
16 Popular Gifts For Her - Valentine's Day - Nisi Wanders

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