Basic Safety Tips – Especially For Those Traveling Solo

Basic Safety Tips - Especially For those that travel solo.

You may have seen posts like this a dozen times before, I have. I prepared for my traveling by doing a lot of reading. 

Below are the ones I have found, through reading and mostly through experience, to be the most helpful. 

It Always Pays to be Prepared

  •  Always let someone know where you are. Regular check-ins with family or friends are easy with today's technology.

  • Upload your photos from the day to the cloud or drop-box in case something happens to your computer and or your phone

  • Take pictures of all your important documents, including drivers license -  they will always be handy.

  • Photograph a piece of paper with your most important passwords and login information. With this uploaded, again, it will always be handy.

  • Did your parents ever tell you, or have you ever told your children..."pretend your on the phone." when your in an uncomfortable situation? Or, how about "Use headphones so strangers won't talk to you." Both are not necessarily the best advice. One way to go is to have your phone in your pocket with 911 or another emergency number ready to go. Sometimes, a phone is simply something to steal.

  • If you do listen to music with headphones only use one earbud - be aware of your surroundings!

  • Do not keep all your money in one place.

  • Even if you never sleep in your car, and even in an age wear many alarms go unnoticed, investing in a portable alarm is never a waste of money.

  • Don't get have more than a drink or two or use any form of recreational drugs when traveling alone - this puts you at your most vulnerable!

  • If you think you're being followed, especially at night. Go straight into the nearest  store, restaurant or hotel, etc.


Still With Me? Good, keep Reading.

  • If you stop for food or a visit to the restroom and you have half a tank of gas left, fill up! Better to stop for gas when you can rather than be stuck alone on the road. If possible, buy yourself a Gerry Can... just in case.

  • Stay in well-trafficked areas.

  • Pay for taxi rides while still in car. No need to have money out while standing outside a vehicle and you attention is on driver.

  • Study maps in your hotel room or car, not in the open. Take a picture of map you may need while out, or find one online and screenshot it.

  • If you do stay at a hotel, leave the TV on and a Do Not Disturb sign on door when you go out. Also, keep one key in your pocket and one in your bag when you do leave the room.

  • Also, in a hotel, cover the peep hole in your door. I have a small stack of colored Post-its. You can always use a small piece of crumpled paper.

  • Don't be polite if the situation calls for it. Manners are wonderful, but if you have to loose your smile to get your point across - lose it.

  • Trust your instincts. It really is tough out there. But, it's also wonderful and full of good people. Your instincts are your best defense and offense!


Did I Miss an Important One?

There may be some crucial ones I missed. Feel free to let me know and I will add them. Or, if you'd like to guest post on this topic, I would be happy to have your post on my site. The more information we share, the safer we are.

Basic Safety For Solo Travelers - Nisi Wanders

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Great advices which are useful particularly when you are a woman.