10 Important Ways Social Media Is Beneficial

Social Media is a Blessing

I will be forever grateful for the online friends I have made these last few years. They have generously proven to be a source of hope, comfort, and information. I've made contacts in each place I have made any effort. Whether I actually meet up with them or not, they are a valued resource in so many ways.

A recently made friend had a friend in a city I was approaching. He contacted her and asked if it would be okay if I reached out to her while passing through. She said she was more than happy to host me for as long as I wished. And she made sure I had her number if that wasn't in my plans  - just in case I needed anything. Others have helped with ideas on how to share my platforms. Iv'e been pleasantly delighted when I've used recipes from online-friends. And, I've taken safety measured they have offered which may have kept trouble at bay. Also, I've visited places they have recommended and have never been disappointed.

Sometimes you just have to vent, make human contact after 3 days straight of not speaking to another living soul, or be there for another that may need you - it feels just as good to be there for someone you've never met as it does for those you love.

Besides the obvious of catching up with what is going on around the world, important for me as I am not a listener of radio, social media lets those of us that wander check in with family while traveling (especially with a family the size of mine - individual texts are an impossible feat). And, solo traveling can get lonely. Social media is often a comforting source.

 We feel lost in solitude one moment and suddenly we are not.

Connecting through social media, whether you have met the person in the "real" world or not, it is a hug in time of need. It is shared laughter or tears and it is a way of feeling connected to someone when you are alone in a strange/new place. Social Media connections are a reminder that age, race, religion, politics, etc. can completely NOT  be part of a relationship. And, you can feel good about that.

As my time of wandering lengthens, grows so does my social media interaction. To all of those folks active in social media for all the right reasons, I applaud you for not using it for any purpose other than good, I thank you getting me through more than you will ever know, and I love you all you have shared with me!

10 Reasons Why Social Media is a Blessing

  1. Connects family and friends - no matter the distance.

  2. Educates with new ideas, suggestions, and tips on any subject one can imagine.

  3. A "place" to meet new friends that share commonalities.

  4. Brings news and current events to a huge audience.

  5. Boosts the economy through marketing.

  6. Increases young people's awareness of the world at large.

  7. Makes learning easier through technology in the classrooms and online.

  8. Raises billions for charitable causes.

  9. Boosts self-esteem by interaction with others.

  10. Improves mental health and is source of comfort.


It's not all good though. Read my post on How Social Media can also be harmful.

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I love this fresh twist on how social media is good. We always come trade on the bad but there are so many blessings like feeling connected to total strangers. Doesn’t makes us feel so far apart.

laurence (@thethriftescape)

I find all of my friends way back in Grade school and High school using FB. And yes, it is a good thing to increase awareness, especially in economy, environments and animals.Thanks for sharing!

Rhian Westbury

I do think social media is a great way of connecting with people who you wouldn’t usually be able to if say they lived very far away x


Thank you for pointing out the benefits of social media. I have stayed connected with friends and family from around the globe. I have been in touch with classmates from grade school to college. Of course, I love social media for instant news and weather updates. As long as we are responsible for what we post online, I think all is good.

Kids on Tour - Autism without limits

I love your take on social media because most people are quite negative. I think the biggest blessing of social media is the one you mentioned about keeping in touch with family! – star harford


I love the fact that social media has made me friends all over the world!


that is a great list of reasons social media is a blessing! I know for me, it helps keep part of my family updated/intouch! A lot of my old high school friends and very close friends that have moved out of state keep in touch frequently via social media… love it!

Ana Ojha

I agree that social media has its own pros and cons! It helps in connecting people but also it gives a shallow picture of the materialistic world which is often deceptive!