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I needed a little brevity today, so I decided to go shopping, virtually anyway. I went looking for an cute outfit to wear that looks nothing like the sweats and jeans I've been living in all winter.

It hasn't been horrible snow-wise, but this New England cold has meant no leg-baring ensembles for months now.

I should be somewhere much warmer. I should be road-tripping all over the south and west of the U.S. cranking my favorite songs and playing the gypsy. Normally, I would be.

At this time of year I would be thinking 50 degrees is a bit chilly and thanking my lucky stars I wan't frozen in the cold of home. And though it's been in the teens and 20's frequently, my jackets have been collecting dust in the closet because somehow I just haven't needed them.

We humans are quite the adaptable creatures.

I still plan on driving off for a few months as soon as I can, But, honestly, it's been nice to be home.

So, back to the fun of shopping! I decided upon this wicked cute set below. Even with all the accessories, the total cost is only $77. The pieces easily transition to mix and match with a ton of closet staples. I haven't worn a watch in a while, but this one has me rethinking using my phone as my timepiece!

BTW, I don't make any money if you buy anything listed below. This is not a sales pitch. I did it just as a distraction/break from all the things I should be working on. 🙂

Think Pink Cute Outfit

I think it's adorable, flirty, and fun. And, the price can't be beat! What do you think of the peices - alone or as a whole?

This may just become a weekly treat!

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