San Antonio Nights

Night One

Justin, my grand nephew and a handsome, energentic young man of 21 wanted to go out. His Uncle Larry and I, both exhausted from the day, begrudgingly agreed. It was nearing 10 p.m. and our first choice was to bring this youngin' was local San Antonio Elks Lodge 216.

Justin would soon be a member of the United States Armed forces. So we thought this would be an experience for him. It was. The drinks went for a $1 a draft, they have a pool table, and the company was nothing to complain about. We stayed for just two drinks as Justin seemed bored. And as private club, smoking was allowed inside. Tough for those not used to this, Massachusetts imposed their smoking ban in 2004. So, we left and let Justin choose the next venue.

Hitting The Sports Bar

He chose Fast Freddie's. Cool and varied music, tons of pool tables, karaoke, ping pong tables, video games, and big screen TVs. Mostly full of the 20's to mid 30's crowd. There were also a smattering of older and younger. Best of all, it had plenty of seating all over the club and the best part - smoking was allowed only in their outside area.

Night Two

Our second night out began mid-afternoon trolling the San Antonio Riverwalk. I have been there years previously, when my oldest daughter graduated boot camp from Lackland AFB, and it was pretty much the same. The difference this time was that I was not in the company of a uniformed soldier under curfew and instead had with me my brother, his wife, and their grandson, Justin.

Just about anywhere in and around the Riverwalk there can be found a decent enough establishment from which to partake food or drink. Still, there are some that rise above others and some below. For instance, The Rain Forest Cafe, is loud, dark, and a treat if you have kids. Be warned that the prices are fairly hefty for the food you will receive.

The County Line is casual and relaxed with a terrific waitstaff and good pricing, but the food is not worth a return visit. Stopping for a cold one at the outside Barriba Cantina is a definite. Cheap drinks and nachos as well as fantastic Mariachi groups that never fail to bring a smile.


Now that we all had some food in our bellies, it was time to cut loose just a bit. We stopped to watch a wonderful display of talent at the upper portico where an Indian Festival teemed with color, talent, food, and music. 



As we passed Durty Nelly's Irish Pub - San Antonio, it seemed to call to us. So we obliged. At one time this pub had in it's center dueling back to back pianos. The players engaged the crowd with hilarity and convinced even the most gun-shy to join in on the sing-a-longs. On this night, only one piano graced it peanut-casing covered floor. Still, the proprietors were  pretty smart in their hiring of the lone piano man. He was loud, quick in his wit, talented, and just obnoxious enough. The drinks were well-made, cold, and not a massive dip in the wallet as tourist places run. One of the better pubs to pass some time.

Our Last Stop

Justin simply could not go home this night without visiting  Coyote Ugly Saloon. It is not as I imagined. I expected beautiful young women with a multitude of talent wowing the masses. Instead, it was just a long and narrow rather ordinary vestige. And, very few things of beauty and little talent found inside. The highlight of this visit was my brother happily doing the Cupid Shuffle alone on the open floor without a care in the world.

If you do happen to find yourself planning a trip to the Riverwalk, check out their Events page beforehand. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to join a fiesta, see great local artists display their ware, or maybe even race a canoe on the river.

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