Since I started my blog I have had to do a lot of research. I used to create web sites 20 years ago, for others, but oh how the times have changed! Now, it's not so much about coding because all platforms use templates. Now, it's about meshing all forms of social media into a bundle that will progress your blog.

I needed to turn my "social" social media sites into other things entirely. For example, I have been on Pinterest for 6 years and I had no idea what a  "rich pin" was and why I needed them. I've used Twitter for almost a decade but never to it's full potential.

I've had to look up so many answers and in doing that have run into many others with the same questions. So, I'm creating new pages that will give others the answers I spent time searching for, sometimes with much frustration!

Hopefully these links will help save you time doing research on all the major social media outlets. This in turn will help you with your blog. Want to know how to increase traffic? Where to find high-resolution quality images for free? How to use Pinterest correctly? How Instagram can boost your blog. How to Connect all your sites? I'm going to cover these and much more.


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