Christmas in August

A Summer Treat

This a post for those with young children, or those like me, young grandchildren. I do not enjoy cold weather and I don't think I ever have or will. Year's back I had taken my own kids to Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire. It was late November and freezing - though we made the best of it and the kids had a great time.

Fast forward to the future and I look forward to the idea of taking my grandchildren there. But, I wanted to go in the nice weather. So, that's just what I did. Nestled in the mountains, summer is a great time to go. They have rides, and games, elf cottages you can hang out in - if you fit. And, even Santa himself for the kids to pay a visit to.

The park also has a wonderful family game to play as you amble through the park. Upon entering, an Elf Card is handed out. Subsequently your quest is to find as all the elves statues tucked around the park. You pull the lever to have each elf "stamp" your card. At the end of the day the kiddies get a treat at the General Store for all their hard work. Plus, they have added a water park for the warmer months!

Added note, to make this affordable day out even better, if you go in after 3 p.m. the next day is free!


Rainbow Cabins

We spent the night at the Mount Jefferson View Motel & Cabins ten miles down the road, which mostly consisted of small cabins, each colored with a different bright shade which the little one thought so cool. We stayed in the "purple" cabin as the kids like to say. It had not been updated for many years and ownership had recently changed hands, but the new proprietors were making great strides. It was clean, odor free, and had all the amenities we needed.

There was an outdoor pool with a row of painted Adirondack chairs. A tire swing, a fire pit for all to enjoy and a few other things the little ones really liked. I look forward to taking them back there in a year or two to visit Santa, as well as see how the motel is progressing.


If you ever find yourself in New England, no matter what time of year, I would suggest you check the village out. The park itself is wonderfully fun. But, the area also has beautiful hiking through the White Mountains, gorgeous, clean waterfalls, fantastic outlet shopping, and all the quaintness you would expect!

Celebrate Christmas in August

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