San Antonio Days

The Shops At La Cantera

I went to my Grand-Niece's soccer game first thing in the morning and I had so much fun. Then, we went to see a movie and stroll through The Shops At La Cantera. The stores are all chain, and most are very expensive. But, if you know how to look closely, you can come away with a few surprising deals.

Onto the best pizza in San Antonio, Luciano's.  We hit this on a warm spring day with a comfortable breeze and sat on their outside terrace. Our views included a well-designed setting complete with water features and plenty of passerby for those into people watching. One of my favorite activities! Now, I am from the Boston area where Papa Gino's reins supreme, and without giving up my loyalty to the Papa, this is one of the best pies I have ever had. Pies are huge, ingredients fresh, and prices match nicely with the whole experience.


Luciano's has an extensive menu in San Antonio.

Deal Example

I have always been a fan of American Eagle. (no, not all their stuff meant for a size 0 sixteen-year-old, or the too many items of clothing splashed obnoxiously with their logo)  Have you ever felt their Tees? They are among the softest and most comfortable and you can often find no-logo Tees or one with an obscure saying unrelated to brand merchandising - my favorite says "Kill Your TV". I walked away with two soft Tees for $9.00, (together!) and a pair of no-logo sweat pants for $4.99. Can't really beat those prices!

Sunglass Hut was also running a sale and I picked up a pair of name-brand glasses (sans logo) for less than $50. An extravagant buy, but I am forever looking for the perfect sunglasses and I am rarely caught without a pair on.

After seeing Hotel Transylvania 2

The only thing that kept this from being a perfect day would be traffic. San Antonio is quite a large city and their is always construction going on along the roadways. If you can handle traffic and at times confusing detours, your day there can be a great one too! Just make sure to use your GPS for local road-work and traffic updates.

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