Romantic And Affordable Date Night Ideas

25 Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas 2 - Nisi Wanders

Romance doesn't have to expensive.

Gifts are wonderful, to give and to receive. But, the reality is that times are tough for many. A woman does not want a gift that is cheap, or tacky, or useless, simply to be given something. I know females. Not just because I am one. I was a daughter to one, a mother to two, a sister of 7, and a teacher to countless. I know about women of all ages. I have met women that value a gift with dollar signs over thought. They exist. But, they are few and thankfully, far between. 

Men, well yes, they are a different breed. But, I had two dads, I have brothers and sons. I taught boys and men (in the classroom y'all!) for many years. And when it comes to gifts, they are not much different from women. They like to get cool stuff. They also, even if they can't express it all the time, love meaningful gifts straight from the heart. The big difference between men and women is that men often just go out and buy what they want and that leaves us with few choices when it comes to shopping. 

So, even if you're not strapped for cash. The following are still great ideas and will be appreciated for their sentimental value as well as the memories they'll make:


  1. A nice card (no occasion necessary) and a home cooked meal (prepared by you!)
  2. Movie night where you stay awake all the way through a "chick flick" and afterwards, actually talk about the movie without disdain. Or, go see that absolutely unappealing action movie, documentary, whatever your partner enjoys, and get into it. 
  3. Binge watch old movies or televisions shows. Grab some snacks and enjoy! NW's appetizer recipe may be a cool addition to a day like this.
  4. A nice foot or scalp massage is always thoughtful. Pour her a glass of wine and do a thorough job. For him, perhaps his favorite IPA?
  5. How about picking out a new recipe, shopping, and preparing it together?
  6. Make a time capsule together. Talk about what you would put in one and why.
  7. If it's warm where enough, go for a picnic. Too cold? An indoor picnic is just as romantic.
  8. Go see a local theater production. Even high schools can put on great shows and the tickets are usually $5 or $10.
  9. Participate in one of the others' hobbies. Does she like puzzles? They are inexpensive and sitting down together and working on can be fun and a chance to verbally connect. Does he like Video games? Learn it and challenge him
  10. Buy a few loaves of bread and go feed the ducks at a nearby pond. 
  11. Go to a local pub's trivia night.
  12. Do something you have done together in a long time. Roller skating, the drive-in, singing karaoke to each other. Don't think about whether it's lame or not, just enjoy. 
  13. Take a walk together. Hold hands and talk about good times or future hopes. Stargaze if it's at night.
  14. Do something crazy together. Go to a thrift store and buy silly outfits for each other and wear them for a local coffee shop date. 
  15. Have any spirits at home? Try experimenting concocting new drinks together.
  16. Happy Hour hop. No need for expensive cocktails and this is when the food is cheapest.
  17. Go for a bike ride together. 
  18. Try something new together - get crafty, go to a new club, play a new board game.
  19. Get lost together by biking or driving somewhere new. Take turns picking left or right.
  20. Go cheer on a local team. It doesn't matter if you don't know the players!
  21. Go to the zoo, museum, or aquarium together. They are usually inexpensive and local libraries often have free tickets.
  22. Try a new bakery and share your picks. Or go to a few bakeries and buy the same thing at all. Then, taste test together.
  23. Volunteer together. Not romantic you think? Helping others and appreciating your own good fortune together can be very romantic.
  24. Go to a flea market, street fair, or farmer's market together.
  25. Grab an ice cream, sit on a bench or at the beach, and people-watch.

Good ideas, right? Don't forget to check out the Valentine's Day Gift Guide For HerValentine's Day Gift Guide For Him. The both have affordable items you may like.

25 Romantic & Affordable Date Night Ideas - Nisi Wanders

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  1. I really enjoyed your list. Just last night, as it was a saturday we were both off work together, we made a steak dinner together. It was really nice because we got to catch up properly on our week’s stressful and funny moments, joked around with eachother and I don’t think we let our phones interupt us once – it was so nice just to have some one-on-one time together. It was supposed to be a date night but as it’s only the first weekend of January we are pretty broke at the moment and this seemed a better and healthier idea than getting a takeaway and dvd – we watched netflix after our dinner. We’ve done a few things on your list before which has worked out pretty well before e.g. indoor picnic and I’m glad I have a few more back-up ideas now too 😉 Thanks

    1. I think sometimes there is too much pressure to do “typical” dates like dinner and a movie – which can add up to a hefty bill. Sometimes simple is not just better for the wallet, but also I think for the couple 🙂

  2. Great ideas! My boyfriend and I like to try to save and plan fun date nights that we can enjoy – we’ve definitely done a few on this list already and I’m sure we’ll be doing more soon!

  3. These are all such wonderful ideas for date nights. I have always thought a date does not take a lot of money just creativity and the joy of hanging out together.

  4. Good post, Nisi. Bill and I have 7 kids between us and we get looks! How many were there in your clan? So, does this mean I have to watch Animal House again?? Ha ha.

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