What The Hell Is In Otto, NC?

What Is In Otto?

My big sister! I am very tired, but I am thrilled to finally have arrived at Elizabeth's home two days ago. Getting here had it's hiccups. 


I stayed in Ruston, Louisiana a few night's back and I didn't sleep well last night. First, I ate at the KFC  that ran me $11 - expensive for what it is. Then, with my good luck in at the Days Inn and Suites in New mexico I figured I may be lucky again in Ruston and decided to try a Days Inn. Looks good from the outside right? And, the price seemed good. My AAA discount brought a $74 room down to $62. This hotel is nothing like the one in New Mexico! For now, I will just say that I don't feel this is a place safe for females traveling alone. Nothing happened, but my at 1AM I ended up propping the coffee table against the doorknob in order to get the little remaining sleep I got.

I was up and out by 7 am. Ten minutes later I got a speeding ticket - my first one since 1989. I couldn't get out of there fast enough apparently!



It Gets Better

Otto may be in the middle of no where, but it sure is pretty! When I was little, my dad used to take us kids out and let us pick whether he drove left, right, or straight.  Eventually, he would pretend we were lost - which of course we never were. Silly game, right? What fun we would have!



My sister and I have been busy chatting, laughing, and exploring. She recently moved to the area so we both had fun  "getting lost". We took roads neither had seen and knew not where they went. Doing so, we discovered a cute Victorian cafe and some really cool antique shops/barns.  Obviously, we found our way home again! 😉


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