Mundo’s Compound In The Woods Of Lake George

A Quick Side Trip

Heading north to Canada I was invited to visit a friend, Dan (Mundo) in the Lake George area. Unfortunately, I had only a short time available but I was more than happy to accept the invite. Dan is one of the best hosts I have even known. He was staying at his weekend/vacation place in up in the beautiful wooded areas near the lake. It's a very private and very secluded property with 5 (if I remember correctly) large motor homes complete and with custom rooms and/or decks built of them. The property is large enough that all the sites cannot be seen from any one angle.

Right away you can feel the calming sense of community among the owners/longtime friends turned family. Dan's grade-school friend Betsy and her husband own the trailer closest to Dan's and I was lucky that she was there this day as I liked her from word one. I felt comfortable instantly among these folk. They're kind of people you remember and consider friend very quickly.

I wish I hadn't eaten a late lunch as dinner is a communal event in every meaning Everything looked and smelled, and tasted restaurant quality so I had nibble a bit.

This first night after leaving my family behind in MA once again. And each time I leave loss that cannot be described. This night, consequently, the conversations and laughter, and good will helped ease this feeling immensely.



A Gift to Treasure

I hoping to hit Albany by bedtime so I prepared to leave. Betsy and Dan showed genuine concern for my safety in traveling alone. Dan was generous enough to present me with a magnificent tomahawk as an added safety measure. Hence, I will treasure this gift and the time I was able to spend with them always. I also hope that when I do finally settle down they will treat me to a visit!


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