How To Make Money With Instagram, With Or Without A Blog! – Part 1

If you have monetized your blog, you know it can be hard to drive traffic to the products you want to share with everyone. If you haven't yet, you'll soon find out. 

So, bloggers use tools they hope will give them a boost in the game of chance called marketing. Plugins, CAT's (Call to Action), and schedulers. We also use other social platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and the like.

This is the first tip in a series for those that use Instagram. Unless you have a business account on Instagram with many tens of thousands of followers, you can only place one link in your bio. You cannot put any links - that are clickable anyway - in your posts as a regular user.

So, say you post a picture of a gorgeous sweater you want people to see, love, and want to purchase in the hopes of attaining a sale as an affiliate or even as a small business. You may put the link in the description, but the user will have to copy and paste the link into an internet browser to get to the web site where you want to drive a viewer.


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I know a lot of affiliates that will change the link in their Bio each time they've a new item to share. The problem is that if someone finds a post from last week and likes that item, there is no longer a link for them to click on to directly take them to that item. Linktree has come up with a workable solution. 

Go to (no spelling error - the dot needs to be there) and sign in with your Instagram account. It will ask you to place a link the site will generate for you into your IG Bio. 

A screen will come up that looks like this: Except, at first, you won't have any links on left so that space will just have the Title and URL options. And, under your picture on the right there will be no rectangular boxes.

Linktree Example

Perfect Example

You've two IG posts. One is that cashmere sweater, and the other is for a great pair of black high-heel shoes. If you want people to be able to get directly to each item you need to do 2 steps.

Step #1 Type in a title where prompted on the left side of the screen. For the pumps, an example would be "Black High Heel Shoes" (notice in the picture below one of my titles is "Bob Ross Tees")

Step #2 Under the title there is a line for a URL. Place the URL for the web site for those shoes. 


Linktree Left Screen


Do the same thing for the sweater. Your screen will now start to look like mine (see top picture.) Now, when someone clicks the link in your Bio, instead of it bringing them to the homepage of your blog, it will show them a screen like this:   


They can now click the title of the item they want and get to that item. You never have to change the link in your bio. Linktree does the navigating for you.

If you want to personalize the way your page looks to others all you have to do is click Settings in the top middle of left side of screen. Here, you can choose from the different styles offered with the free plan. For the purpose of this post I clicked the 4th button in the second row. My green screen has changed and this blue gradient color is what others will see.


Linktree Example


If you are no longer promoting an item or do not want your button list to grow too long, click on the toggle button to the right of a title. Grey means the option will no longer appear - green means the button and link are still active. Also, you can click the trash icon under each link to permanently remove it. Linktree does have a Pro version with a monthly fee. You can see the differences between the pay and fee programs below. I stick with the free version.



Linktree Exmple

Worried people won't visit your blog if the link is not in your Bio. You can always put it in, it just won't be clickable. 

If you're worried about losing blog visitors, check out your blog analytics and see how many folks come to your blog via Instagram. Chances are, this is not where the bulk of visitors, or even a notable percentage arrive there from. But, by using this tool you increase your chances of boosting your income stream by driving people right where you want them to go. 

Full disclosure there is no affiliate program for this site. If you decide to use Linktree they aren't giving out any prizes to referrers. I just think this is great tool.

So good luck and happy monetizing! 🙂


Make Make On Instagram With This 1 Simple Tool

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