I Get it – Lesson Learned in Vegas

My Baby Finally Arrives

I learned my lesson in Vegas. Who knew? The kids did! My handsome son and his wonderful girlfriend drove up from Irvine, CA for a visit. They will will celebrate the fourth of July and spend a few days and  with our every growing crew. It's still so hot outside we are hunkering down in AC and spending a lot of time poolside.

Last night we went glow in the dark mini golfing and then to PT’s to shoot some pool. I learned a very valuable lesson this night…Never buy a man of any age a drink unless you want them to think your into them. I grew up where people reciprocated and buying a drink was a nice gesture. The young ones informed me that is not the case any longer. A man older than myself paid for a drink for my son, so at a later time I told the bartender to get the man a drink on me. Next thing I know, he was at my side and hitting on me. One of my nephews had to pretend to be my boyfriend. The stranger finally got the hint. I will not be buying a stranger any drinks anytime soon!

These kids (ages 21 - 32) have lived all over the country and were all pretty much in agreement... don't buy a guy a drink, ever! How sad. This generation is growing up with the women fearing being generous and men thinking an act of kindness is a pass.


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