What A Traveler Learns on the Road

Learning Curve

If you travel, especially solo-travelling as I do, it is inevitable you will learn more about yourself. Often, more than you care too. And, sometimes enough to to realize the best in yourself.

Beautiful vistas have lulled me into a state of near-meditation. Also, I've seen some that have have been so striking they bring forth sadness. Then others whose beauty captures and mesmerizes me.

I have had the high pleasure of many laughs and lows of depression producing many tears. And, I have learned many things about myself. Conversely, only to discover there is much left to learn. Sadly, I totaled my beloved Jeep and caved to common sense and went with an brand new small SUV. - I miss my baby!

I have had quality time with people I love - more so now that I am not carrying around the brood I used to tow.  I've been struck by how much I love these people who are a part of my life Though distance has separated us - often for years at a time.


I have meditated and mulled over choices I have made. And, those I have yet to make. I've often wondered where and when I will plant my roots when I leave the road. Will I go back to familiar ground? Or, will I find a place along the way that draws me in. Perhaps, I'll find solace by digging in to the unknown or close to those I love.

I have sought clarity and peace of mind and of body.  These are the hardest for they require absolute self-honesty. Tougher still, old habits are hard to break.

I have made new friends that are now very dear to me. Hopefully, I'll have many of them for the rest of my life. I have reconnected with old friends. And, introverted as I am, I look forward to the new friends I will make as time passes.

I have acquired independence, finally. I'm able to do anything, see anyone, go anywhere (within budget of course!) and yet have felt the need of dependency tug at me as well. It was hard to admit to myself that those that have depended on me since birth are now those I depend on - if only for occasional time together.

At This Point

This time traveling has been filled with adventure, boredom, wonderful surprises, disappointments, love, laughter, fun, sadness, failures, and successes. But, most of all - I have learned. My journey will not end soon. And, I don’t want it to end.  At some point, I do look forward to finding my happy place geographically and from within at some point. Until then, I will continue to acquire knowledge in all possible manners.

Learning on the Road - Beyond Academics - Nisi Wanders

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