Irish Christmas Fun

Happy Holidays from NW!

Full of beauty and history, Gaelic is a tough language to master. Below are just a few ways to spread holiday cheer with a helpful pronunciation guide.


Merry or Happy Christmas                                Nollaig Shona                         (NULL-eg HUH-nuh)
Merry or Happy Christmas To You                   Nollaig Shona Duit              (NULL-eg HUH-nuh ditch)
Happy Christmas to You All!                           Nollaig Shona Daoibh!        (NULL-eg HUH-uh DEE-iv) 


A little more formal and old-fashioned greeting...

A Prosperous and Happy Christmas to You!  
Nollaig Faoi Shéan is Faoi Shonas Duit/Daoibh   (NULL-eg fwee hayn iss fwee HUH-nuhss ditch/DEE-iv)

Don't celebrate Christmas?

No problem. You can use this generic any-holiday greeting...
Blessings of the Holidays to You. 
Beannachtaí na bhFéilte Duit/Daoibh   (BAN-ukh-tee nuh VAYL-cheh ditch/DEE-iv)


Irish Christmas blessing...

Bless the bowl, bless Irish land and bless God this wonderful Christmas morning. "As the sun rises gold, Over the Emerald Isle, May your oat's hot steam, Nourish your Irish smile. And may you be thankful, to Him who fills your bowl, warms your heart, and soothes your soul."


Did You Know...

Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve. In Ireland, one difference is where he leaves the gifts for children.

Rather than leaving them under the Christmas tree, a child might find them at the foot of their bed, or sometimes inside a pillow case or a Christmas bag.

It is also customary to leave treats for Santa, although instead of milk and cookies, Santa may enjoy a mince pie or biscuit and a glass of Guinness on his travels through Ireland.

And not to forget his furry team, a carrot(s) is often left for Santa's reindeer.



For the brave, or foolhardy depending on your perspective, a Christmas Day swim is an annual tradition. Most of us probably wouldn't be too eager to swap our fluffy PJs for the bracing iciness of the Atlantic Ocean or Irish Sea on Christmas morning, but you have to have ultimate respect for those who do. A swig of whiskey or drop of tea afterwards is a must for returning the feeling to your extremities.



Little Christmas is celebrated on January 6, at the end of the Christmas holiday.

It is only after this date that any Christmas decorations can be taken down. To do so before hand is believed to bring bad luck.


In case we don't talk before then...

Here's a new year blessing/saying to share...

A Prosperous New Year!   Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!  (a-vilean fwee mau-sha dit) 

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