Hurricane Ida Hits Wedding in North Carolina

What Do you Do When A Hurricane Hits On The Day You're To get Married On The Beach?

My nephew Vincent and his Fiance, Cassie,  tied the knot this week, in a hurricane no less! I flew in from MA. My sister, Kimberly, flew in from California. My nephew, Marcus and his father and step-mother flew in from Nevada. It was supposed to be a very quiet affair on the beach. 

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Hurricane Ida had other plans. The young couple showed great spirit and simply moved the ceremony to a gazebo near the center of New Bern, NC. It lay in a beautiful park along the shoreline and though the water flooded most of the park and the winds blew with fight all morning, the wedding was as perfect as any I've ever attended.

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After sweeping the water from the gazebo floor, the rains died to a whisper and the winds slowed to a breeze and the ceremony and time for pictures afterwards ended up going off without fault.

I have to give them extra praise for planning a wedding that cost what some pay just for the gown. Cassie found the perfect dress in a local chain store for less then $100. and they were good to go.


We, their family, wanted to pitch-in. So, we decorated the gazebo with flowers and ribbons from Wal-Mart where we also bought beach-themed items to make favors, picked out a cake we decorated, and purchased a few other items that the couple were happy to have. They are so in love they would have been just as happy to have gone without these extras.

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The weather not only held, it improved. Ida was losing steam. After a nice dinner, we went to a club on the beach and danced and laughed for hours. There was no pomp and circumstance. They didn't need any of that. And, that made it all that more special.

My sister Linda, who had passed a few years earlier, I think she would have cried tears of joy and pride to see her son wed this beautiful girl in a simple wedding that was all about love and the merging of two young lives. I know that is how I felt.

Hurricane Wedding @

Hurricane Wedding in NC - Nisi Wanders

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