My First 110 Degrees Days in Vegas

Could I ever get used to this heat?

Flew into Las Vegas, first time arriving by plane as my Jeep in still being repaired in California. Of course I arrive in the middle in the middle of one of the hottest summers in history! Temps are hitting 117 and averaging triple digits! I get to stay at the newly built home of my sister Kimberly and her family. Therefore no hotels for me here. They still live in California. So, not a piece of furniture or  a single utensil in the entire house.

My nephew is letting me borrow his air mattress - for which I am very grateful! Using the pillow and blankets I have with me. Tried Uber for the first time to get to the store. A minimalist at heart, even I have my limits. Just the bare essentials (water, sheets, a little food) of course! 😉

I crave solitude and boy am I getting it. It is weird staying in an empty home no one has ever lived in. I feel like a squatter! My sister and her family will move in in a few weeks later and although it will be nice to have company, I know I will miss the quiet and the lack of "things" surrounding me.

I do have family nearby. And, I have a very nice date planned with 3 of my nephews to go to one of my favorite restaurants - Chili's. I visited my sister-in-law, Murial, today. She always makes me smile and lives within walking distance. An 8 minute walk can feel like an hour when it's 110 out! I just may call Uber again next time I go to her house!


Thank goodness for pools!

Of course, I am pampering myself by hanging out at the community pool. The water is refreshing and somehow the air feel less stifling here! I may never be able to get used to these temperatures, but hanging poolside is the best way I find to deal with Vegas heat!

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