Tips On Taking Care Of Your Hair When You Travel

Hair Care

When you want to save your every penny for the next destination, the next journey, the next experience - getting your hair done by a professional regularly is an extravagance.

I've met a few travelers that have solved this financial quandary by simply packing a buzzer and shaving their hair. And, not all have been men!

When my children were very young I tried this myself. Who has time, or energy, to deal with a head full of hair every morning when you've got a brood of children that have more important needs? This option is no longer viable for me as a solo traveler with no buzzer skills!


My hair on a good day!

My Solution

Let my hair grow very long. You might be thinking that more hair means more work. You'd be right, but only in some ways.

When I am on the road for days or camping alone, how my hair looks is the least of my concerns. Need to pay for gas or buy food and don't want to look like a disheveled mess... throw it up, braid it, or cover it with a cap and voila!

I have been blessed and cursed with hair that is not straight, but not curly. It's naturally messy - it never stays where it should or where I put it.  So, I learned to embrace this and don't sweat my hair looking perfectly coiffed. The bonus in this is I can cut off 4 inches myself and it doesn't matter if it's all straight - with my hair, you just can't tell. So keeping up with dead ends is easy as I carry my own scissors.


My bane is that I have very dark hair that keeps wanting to grow in pure white! As I am not ready to embrace this change, I color my hair. I buy hair color wherever I find it cheapest. With my Plenti rewards I bought a name-brand box at Walgreens for $1.79 last week. It lasts a few months before I start going crazy with the new growth so I consider this an affordable extra. Just try to be courteous and make sure no color stains remain in whatever shower/sink you're using.

I treated myself once to a salon coloring and loved it!!! I had a first-time customer coupon that gave me a color, cut, and blow dry for $40 plus tip. Like I said, I did this for myself once. The last two times I had it done in a salon it was due to gift certificates for which I was extremely grateful!

Here are my on-the-road hair tips...

  • #1: If you color your own hair, have Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes on hand. They will get rid of any color left near your scalp line and on your face or hands.

  • #2: If your near a place that has a hair school, whether it is a high school or cosmetology school, they offer great deals on cuts if you are willing to let a student have a run at you hair. It is worth it as long as your cool with your hair not being perfectly even.

  • #3 Ask family and friends that are going to buy you something anyway for gift certificates. I love them!

  • #4 Need a hair cut on the road and can't do it yourself? Ask locals and check out Yelp for the best advise on where to go.

  • #5 Meeting up with other travelers on the road is a good opportunity to exchange services.

  • #6 Dry shampoo can be your best friend on the road! I use Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk because it has a fresh scent, adds volume, is an eco-friendly product, and it's inexpensive.

  • #7 Every few days rub a small amount of Coconut Oil Cream in from scalp to ends. It's another eco-friendly non-cruelty product I love. It makes the hair stronger adds moisture without the greasy look. A $10 jar lasts for months!

Have any tips to share? I would love to hear them!
Self-Care on the Road *Hair*

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