Explore Downtown Green Bay – It’s More Than You Imagined

I’ve been to Lambeau Field and have seen much of this area. My brother Danny has lived there for over 25 years. But, downtown Green Bay was quite the surprise to me.

Pub Crawl

It was an over-21 night only. I should have prepared better - slept more the night before or eaten more, or anything! - that day. But, it turned out to be a night to remember. Downtown Green bay is a terrific mix of old and new.  Ultra modern looking apartment buildings replacing ones that had fallen into disrepair and well-kept buildings full of historic architectural design surround downtown.

The  Downtown Riverfront is breathtaking!  First of all, there are shops, galleries, theaters, and many restaurants to keep you busy for hours. Downtown's nightlife was the biggest surprise. There is a club/bar/pub every few steps!

Therefore, as light becomes dark Green bay becomes quite the hot spot! A group of us went on a Pub Crawl. As we walked from one end of the strip to the other we stopped at a few very cool places, as well as the ones I feel most comfortable in...the sports bars, the theme bars, and those that offered cheap drinks and good music. My brother, his wife, my nephew, and some family friends had a blast. We talked, we goofed off, we danced. At times, even got just plain silly.



In one bar called Stir Ups, an employee/bounce pulls a life-size bull around on a wooden platform. What's the point? Well, there is always a rider atop this massive creature holding a bottle of alcohol. As the rider passes, you open your mouth and she/he pours for as long as you stand there! Dangerous, right? But really funny to watch. A little tip, don't stand near the bull too long!



I always have fun at my brothers' whether we stay in to watch presidential debates or go out for a meal. I don't think I could handle doing this on any regular basis, I'm getting too old to keep up with the pros! But, this was a new side of Green Bay I hadn't seen before and I had a blast!


Green Bay's Hopping Nite Life!

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