Go, Do, Enjoy Yourself!

Forget about other people!

Don't be afraid to look silly with a selfie-stick, or if you can master the one-hand selfie with just your phone, just do it. Get yourself in those pictures! I often forget to capture a moment because I am immersed in it. Sometimes, a site is so enamoring I lose myself to it and later think to myself "Why the heck didn't I think to take a picture?"

Eating Out Alone

Want a nice meal but feel silly eating in a restaurant alone? The only way to get over this is to just do it. Bring a book, grab a local paper (usually free in many eateries), or simply play on your phone until dinner arrives. I have had families ask me to join them and I have does this before. It can be great fun and you don't need to do much talking.

If you feel the need to talk you can always ask your new friends about themselves - people love it when others show interest in them. When asked to join others, but do not want to, a simple no thank you usually does the trick. If you're a woman and a man doesn't take "No, Thank you" simply be firm. Don't be afraid to let the staff know you are being bothered if you feel someone is invading your space.

Don't Wait for Others

Want to do something but, again, being solo is awkward? Fairs, festivals, and concerts are fantastic activities where you can go as unnoticed as you want. Maybe you're one of the few lucky enough to have a partner/best friend with the same schedule and exact tastes as you have there will be activities you want to do. If your like the rest of us there will be places you want to go but will miss out on if you wait for someone else to join you.


I love going to the movies and the first time I did this I remember thinking everyone was staring at me and judging me as I bought my ticket, got snacks at the concession stand, and entered and sat alone. I've done this 100 times since. No one cares!


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When I went to my first play alone, I stayed in my seat during intermission because I felt awkward, even though I was really thirsty. I no longer sit through intermission unless I want to stay seated.

Walking onto a beach full of people can be intimidating. It can feel like the ocean has disappeared and you are have the eyes of everyone on the sand. Not true. Try it sometime. Find a spot you're comfortable with and take a good look around. You will probably be surprised at the amount of people that enjoy a sunny day alone.

Feeling like the world is staring can prevent you from enjoying so many adventures. Don't even think about it.

Go, do, enjoy yourself!

It's not just a matter of missing a favorite band or much anticipated movie. And, it's also not just about your own happiness. Your well-being depends on your ability to seek out and enjoy that which makes you happy.


How To Enjoy Yourself When Your Going Solo - Nisi Wanders

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