I Fell in Love in Douglas, AZ

I did. But not like you'd think... read on.

Douglas is a small town, less than 20,000 call it home. But it's is rich in history and it's charm will win you over.  Recent efforts towards revitalization make it a unique and perfect spot you may never have thought to visit.


How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443
A look at one side of the main road through town.

First, I checked-in  at the Gadsden Hotel - easily one of the most historic, beautiful, and unique buildings I've ever stayed.  A new owner purchased this property just months before my visit. I cannot remember her name and I wish I could. She was very helpful and most welcoming.


How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443
Old-Time Luxury


They were still in the process of refurbishing the hotel yet not a sign of work could be seen. But they kept any signs well hidden from guests. And somehow the new owners were able to still let the old-time charm shine through. You will love it here!


How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443

How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443

I fell in love with...

  • The doors to each room. They are original.

  • The stain glass vista windows. They are breathtaking.

  • The room box cabinet. It's the first I've seen outside of movies.

  • The old telephone booths. When did you see one last?

  • The Spanish-style mosaic water bubbler. Never before have I seen one like it.

  • The old fashioned keys. I am so used to key cards.

  • The glamorous marble staircase. The picture explains this easily enough!

  • The  old-style crank elevator. Again, except for the movies it was a first for me.

  • The history of the town and the hotel adorning it's walls. There is a lot to learn.

  • The modern rooms. They are sparse, had everything a modern room has and are comfortable.

This is a place one could fall in love with and return to again and again and still be awed each and every time. There is also a pub and a restaurant off the main lobby. Each full of the same wistfulness as the main affair. Consequently, Douglas is on my very short list of places I must revisit!    

How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443


Douglas is a work in the re-making.

At first glance, it may not look like much but, this former mining town has over 400 buildings in the National Register of Historic Places. The architecture is interesting enough to spend an entire day just looking at some of them. The historic Slaughter Ranch is just outside Douglas, I drove along the the Geronimo Path and felt like the only person on the planet.  A feeling I thoroughly enjoyed. I paid just $5 for admittance to the Ranch and learned the history of this ares going back to the 1600's in it's wonderful museum.

At the front of the Gadsden Hotel there are a few offices and a restaurant - Casa Sevogia. I met a man one one of my walks through town, Ed Matchett. He runs an office in front of the Gadsden - Matchett Law. I consider him one of the towns gems.

I was wearing my Wisconsin Badger sweatshirt with it's big W across the front. He iss formally of Wisconsin. That's what started our meeting and I'm very happy it did. I learned as much about the town, the area attractions, and Agua Prieta. He  also shared some wonderful local anecdotes as well. If you are in the area, and have the chance, pop in and say Hi!

Another Border Town

The town is a small gem at the border crossing with Mexico at Agua Prieta.  If you choose to cross over it's much less time-consuming to park on the U.S. side as Agua Prieta’s shopping district is within walking distance from the border.  It is one of the safest border towns, but it is still a good idea to stay within the main village. It runs for many blocks in each direction.

Agua Prieta may be best-known for hosting American to many factories as well as dental offices and museums. But it also has fantastic places to stop for a bite and a cold one. And the vendors along most blocks sell almost anything you could want for yourself and is fantastic for gift buying.


How I fell in love in Douglas, Arizona @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/443
Street fare goes a step beyond.

Always barter! Most vendors not only appreciate your business but they are also friendly. They to engage in conversation with tourists and bartering often leads to making a new friend. Live music can be found at all hours of the day and night. Don't be surprised if you hear Jimmy Buffet songs ring through the air as you stroll the town.

I Fell in Love in Douglas, AZ @ Nisi Wanders

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