How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Blog or Brand

Using Facebook To Grow Your Brand or Blog

Facebook is a good resource for bloggers to connect and build their brand. As soon as I started my blog I was told I needed to create a corresponding Facebook page and I kind of balked at the idea. I thought "I don't have the time to create and maintain a good site." But, I did it. I haven't added to it as often as I should and I do have trouble finding the time to maintain it. On the other hand, when I go to my blog's statistics page it shows me that I have people visiting my blog through a link on my Facebook page. So, though the numbers are not very high, it is working

Therefore, I am going to tell you the same thing. Create a Facebook page that corresponds to your blog!

But I will tell you the other stuff - things nobody told me. I hope they save you some time and effort.

Make sure you create your new Facebook page off you main Facebook page. Don't know how? Read this. Once you do that make sure you add your cover and profile logo/picture first thing. Add some information so that people will know what your page is about. Start with a little if you're overwhelmed. You can always add more later.

There's Always a Catch

Now, all you have to do it post! Here's the rub... no time to add to it every day? NO WORRIES! Add to it as you can. Maybe you can set a goal of adding one new post a week and see how that goes. Have extra time, add an extra post! Can't think of what to write? Easy, just add a link to a page in your blog and ask folks to check out your post. In fact, that is why the page was created right? to get people to you site!

The catch is that there is never going to be enough time in any day to do all that you want - regarding Social Media or most other aspects of life. Accept this. Accept this. Accept this! 🙂 

"Success is steady progress toward one's personal goals."  Jim Rohn

You Need Facebook For Networking

Facebook is a great networking tool. If used correctly, you can find other folks in your niche and others that can help boost your online presence. How do you find these others? As with most things related to your blog, it is about trial and error. First, now that you have a few posts up so it's time to invite your friends to like your page. They may also be helpful in directing other people to your page.

Join a Facebook Group. How do you find these? Well, Facebook actually makes it very easy. Type in the search panel something relevant to your blog/niche: travel groups, mommy groups, fashion groups, etc etc. and Facebook shows you a list of options. Once your on a group page you like, look on the right side of screen and their are suggestions for groups similar.

Most are closed groups, meaning you have to join and often wait to be accepted. This never takes long, but you may have to answer a few questions like; Do you have a blog, what is it's URL, do you promise to abide by group rules? It also usually means that unless you are in the group you will not be able to read all the posts and that your activity in the group can only be seen by other group members. 

Once your accepted, really do read the group rules carefully. 

Facebook Tips for Bloggers - Nisi Wanders

These are a few groups I have found very helpful.

Facebook Fabulous

This is one of the simplest and clear sites to grow your Facebook Page. They have daily threads that include "Facebook Page Likes," Facebook Post Comments," and "Facebook Post Likes." Here is an example of one of their Facebook Like threads rules.


*Do you Need to Remove Your Preview from a Mobile Phone? Check out this post:



(1) Add a corresponding number to the thread. Then add a link from your Facebook public page or a specific link from a post you want liked

(2) Refresh the Thread to make sure your number is correct in the order of posts on the thread. If not, change your number by pressing the edit button

(3) REMOVE your Preview picture.

(4) Visit and Like every post on the thread. Likes must come from your personal profile NOT your page.

(5) Thread Opens between 9-12noon PDT/12-3pm EDT & CLOSES at - 12 Midnight PDT/3 AM EDT***

(6) Thread must be completed in 36 hours.

(7) Don't LIKE the main PHOTO till the thread is CLOSED. Only do so after thread closes and you have completed all the links.

(8) *** Please NOTE: Your Account Must be PUBLIC. ***

(9) 100% Reciprocation - You must complete all links on this post!

(10) No chitchat on the thread.

I know that these rues may seem overwhelming or maybe they are confusing - especially if you are new to this. But, trust me, they are quite easy once you get started. The moderators are on their game and you can always contact me and I'll be glad to walk you through these or any other set of rules on this group or on any listed below. The only drawback to this site is that there are many participants each day. Since threads are 100% reciprocity, this means more work for you to complete. The benefit, more engagement for you.

Bloggers United

This is quite an organized site. Every day new threads are put up. This, like other groups, ask for "no chit chat" to keep the pages organized and neat for easier use.There are threads that are "Facebook Likes," "Twitter Retweets." "Post Click-Thru." - the list goes on and on. It is definitely worth a look.

Boost your Blog 

This is another very organized site. They put up threads much the same as the one above, with 100%  mandatory participation if you leave your link. So, if the thread is "Facebook Page Like" (just one example) you must like each Facebook link in thread. 


The moderators ask that you complete a thread before beginning a new one. That's pretty easy to do as they usually give you 1, 2,  or more days to finish. This timing also negates the problem of trying to finish fast and being blocked by Facebook. It's rules may seem long, but they are useful, keep site clean and organized. Also, the moderators keep track of participation so you know you will benefit from participation. Just like in the above group, once you have done your part, turn off the notifications for that post.

Creative Bloggers & Businesses

As with the above-mentioned groups, this is a good site. It has a lot of daily threads to choose from. Most threads do not carry the numbers as groups like Facebook Fabulous, but that also means you have less work to do. It also means less engagement for you.  Of course, you can participate in multiple threads each day. 

There other groups that are good. However, if you are just starting, these are the best. Why? They all have great moderators, their formats are clean, and the instructions are clear. If you do participate in a thread and become confused or have any questions, the moderators are happy to help.

Many groups on Facebook do not require 100% participation. For instance, a thread may ask you to leave a post link you want liked on your page. In return for leaving yours, you must reciprocate to 3, 4, or perhaps 5 other links left in thread. So, you can leave your link and reciprocate on the required amount in instructions. But, if 50 people participate, your link may get no action at all. There's no guarantee you'll benefit at all.

After you leave your link in a thread.

The first thing you should do after entering a thread is to save the thread. Do this by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner and click "save."

The second thing to do is turn off the notifications. Otherwise, you will get notified each time another member likes your link. It can blow up your notification numbers and drive you crazy - especially if you have sounds on your notifications. To turn this off, click the top right three dots again and "Turn off notifications for this post." 

The third, follow the thread rules.

Fourth, complete the thread 100% as required.


Beware of Some "Communities of Support"

That's really what these groups are. Each one is a community of support for each participant.

Beware of some groups that claim to be "support" groups. There may be help or answers found among the group. However, the creator or administrators of the group are often constantly hawking their EBooks or ECourses that they swear will make your social media numbers skyrocket and /or make you tons of money.

Everything you need to know can be found free of any cost with online research. I would strongly suggest you give yourself a good six months, a year would be even better, before you consider spending any money besides the cost of your blog host. 


These groups will keep you as busy as you let them. Just remember that, as with anything in life, sometimes a good heart will give more than they receive. Also, Facebook is only a small part of the journey. My motto for any online group is Beware and Be Kind.

So, is it worth it to create a Facebook Page?

Is it is worth it to join Facebook groups?

YES and YES. Just go slow and do what you have time for. It shouldn't be another stress in your life!

4 Facebook Groups For Blogger Growth - Nisi Wanders

Don't Go To Jail!

Also, very important, is that you remember that you can go to "Facebook Jail" if you try to do too much at once. What is Facebook Jail? It's when you are banned or restricted from certain activities on Facebook.

Like too many posts or pages too quickly and you can be banned from liking any others for a period of a few hours up to 3 years. Typically for these infringements, a few hours is the norm and 30 days is a frequent time-frame punishment as well. To be banned for three years, well, you did something really bad!

Want to send out friend requests in an attempt to bring in new followers to your page? Totally understandable. But, Facebook frowns upon requesting friends you have no connection with and restrictions may occur. if Facebook algorithms find out your attempting this.

When you do participate in a Facebook thread for post likes there is something that occurs - you can see the # of people that have liked the post. Since Facebook can make it difficult to "invite" people you're not friends with to like your page, a "hack" is often used. By clicking on the likes of a post you can see a list of the people that have liked it. Beside each name is a rectangle box with the word Invite inside. One click on this button invites this person to like your Facebook page, which in turn increases your numbers. 

Once you start participating in these threads you will be liking other people's posts. As soon as you do this, you are going to see a dramatic increase in your notifications of people requesting you like their page. Be careful not to like too many (I'm still waiting on Facebook to give me a specific number). Liking too many will find you restricted from liking any others for a period of time. I did this. I liked too many pages because I wanted to be supportive and like every page I was invited to like. My punishment = 30 days from liking any further pages. I've no idea how many I liked. I wish I had kept tract so I could share a number. If I ever get a number, I'll share it with you.

If you put up too many posts at once trying to create content for your new page Facebook may consider you a spammer and restrict you for up to 30 days.

Try to  tag people too frequently - restrictions may occur. The same result may occur if you comment on too many posts, especially if your comments are similar in any way.

What is Too Many

Now, you may be asking what is too many. Good question! Unfortunately, there is no set answer. Facebook uses algorithms to detect infringements and part of the process for detection is based on age of page, number of followers you have and the number of people you follow as well as what type of content is posted. 

When you join a group and join a "Follow For Follow" thread, go slow and follow no more than ten at a time. Wait 30 minutes and do the same. This should keep you in the "Safe Zone." 

Keep your daily posts to no more than four a day and space them apart. This should also keep you safe from any restrictions.

Want to join a "Like For Like" post? Some people have been able to like as many as 30 every half hour. The majority consensus is 20 of any kind of likes is acceptable. But, when you are just starting out follow the same rule of 10 every 30 minutes, at least for a while. Always make sure there are a few seconds minimum between likes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact me

Don't Wind Up In Facebook Jail - Nisi Wanders

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