How I Wound Up In Facebook Jail

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I Can't Believe I Got In Trouble With Facebook!

It was a normal day sitting at my computer. I went on Facebook and checked my list of notifications. An online friend invited me to like her Facebook page. So, of course I clicked the link and pressed "Like." I want support on Facebook and I want to be a source of support as well.  Instead of "Like" turning to "Liked" I got the popup: "ERROR. I'm sorry this action cannot be completed at this time." So, stubborn me clicked the button to like again. Once again, the error message popped up.

I was confused, as I often am. But I went about my online activities and figured I would just do this action later in the day. Later in the day comes, actually late that night, and I remembered this request. I go back online and try again to like this page. The same error message appears. If you only knew how often I get frustrated online because I do not understand why certain popups come up on the screen. Especially when what I want to do seems such a simple task.

Not just on Facebook either. My computer skills are ever-growing, but I thought I knew a lot more about Facebook than I actually do. I even wrote a post about Facebook because so many of my friends have asked for my help doing things on Facebook I consider easy as pie and they are seriously struggling with. Little things, for me, such as how to set privacy settings, how to block people, how to post so only certain people can see, etc. etc. And I have been able to help them. I have been on Facebook since my children first discovered it - I had to monitor them as good parent would. 🙂


Being Neighborly Can Send Tou To Facebook Jail! - Nisi Wanders

You Try To Be A Good Neighbor and BAM!

Now this post was really geared toward bloggers and growing your Facebook presence to help bring people to their blog. I also wrote about how not to end up facing restrictions on Facebook in the process. I have other posts about the simple stuff I mentioned above - I just haven't gotten around to finishing them. I really am working on my wont of procrastination!

Anyway, back to the issue at hand... A few days later I remembered the like request and made an attempt to do this on my computer. I was cussing inside when I received the same darn message! (I'll keep the language clean here) I get an idea that I think is pure genius! I'll just use my phone for this task because I'm thinking something is just not working right on the computer. Guess what? It wasn't the computer. I have been placed in "Facebook Jail." Yup, the same one I wrote about and thought I knew how to avoid. For those who haven't read the post, here's the short of it... "Facebook Jail" means you have been banned or restricted from performing certain activities on that platform.


Facebook Jail Bleeps!

The message that came up when I tried to like her page with my phone was different though. This one gave more details to explain why I couldn't like her page. It read: "ERROR  This action cannot be completed at this time. You have liked too many pages this month. You may begin to like pages again on January 27 2018 at 12:41 p.m." Yes, it gave the date and time to the minute!

This kinda pissed me off. (I probably would never say it in front of little ones, but that's not a cuss word) I mean, doesn't Facebook want people engaging and liking others' pages. Even though Facebook is literally ginormous already, they are constantly upgrading and adding new features to have it grow even bigger and stronger so people will spend more time using it. By doing so, it stands to reason, the more pages you like adds to your news feed. The more variety and pages you like means more time on Facebook reading all the new stuff posted by pages you have liked. Isn't that what Facebook wants?


Zuckerbuerg put new restrictions on Facebook - Nisi Wanders

Here's What My Research Shows About Page Liking

Absolutely nothing. Zuckerberg is clearly messing with us! 

I really wanted an answer to my question of how many pages you can like in a month's time. Facebook itself, in it's help and support sections, does not give any indication of the number limits.

This was really bugging me because I do not like not having an answer to such a simple question. So, I went to Google and tried to find an answer there. I found some sights that give little swathes of information on how to avoid "Facebook Jail." But, not one site, oh and I went to many, gave a page like limit number. In fact, this specific subject is barely broached on the Internet at all. Ultimately, I still have no answer.

The moral of this story is that being a good online-neighbor is a punishable offense.

To all those out there that have requested I visit and like their page, my sincerest apologies. If you make a note of the date and time mentioned above, feel free to send another invite. I am going to keep track of the number of pages I like. And, as soon as I am banned again, I will finally have my answer. I'll update this post then so you will have the answer too. 🙂

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  1. Your post is kind of misleading. Being in Facebook jail means you are entirely blocked from your account all together for 3 days. What happened to you also normally happens when you like too many pages in a given amount of time. Just like when bloggers are participating in Facebook threads, too many comments or likes in a given period of time, and you can get marked as spam.

    1. Thanks for your input Kori. But, Facebook Jail is not an official term. It’s a phrase people have coined regarding ANY form of ban or restriction the Facebook platform places on you for a number of reasons. I did like too many pages in a time period – hence my punishment. FB Jail can be looked at as a correction sentence. Mine was a minor crime and I am a low threat so I have been given a relatively low restriction. Those locked out of their accounts for three days have committed a greater “crime” so they have a harsher sentence. My post isn’t meant to be misleading but rather a sharing of an experience and hopefully an insight for others so they can avoid the same mistake.

  2. Hi, Nisi (again). Wow. This is really amazing. I just found out today that I am headed to jail (for other reasons) with a different source other than Facebook. I have to go back to every damned post and delete portions of it “for breaking the rules.” I’m fairly new to all of this, but gettng frustrated with all these nitpicky rules and regulations! Thanks for the heads up! Vicky

    1. Haha. We must be kindred spirits! I’ve been “corrected” a few times for various things – mostly for breaking rules I didn’t even know existed. My next book should be a gathering of all the things not to do for people like us!

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