Exceptional Clubs Of The Month

“When you give with an open heart, you get the profound gift of humility.”

Clubs of the month gifts are back in style with a huge boom in sales increasing millions across the USA alone each year. Why? Companies are offering high-quality products, new and different options along with classic favorites, and make it easier to give than ever.

Another big change is that many companies now offer 3, 4, 6, 9, & 12 month options. No longer are you locked into a full year automatically. 

The variety out there is amazing. You can choose beer, pizza, wine, cheese, chocolates, flowers, and on and on. Some clubs are better than others, not all are alike. I will add more as I get more information on how good the products are and what current customers think of a specific club. I have a lot of "feelers" out there. 

To start, I am putting down four clubs of the month I am personally familiar with and rate high. Check them out, you may find something you'd love to give, or get! 

Exceptional Clubs Of The Month

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