DeadLine To Get Back East (On A Budget!)

Time To Hit The Road

Heading back east once again. I need to do it in 3 days, solo. And, on a tight budget! I finally picked my Jeep up from the shop this morning.  Soon after, I drove straight from Oceanside, CA to Lordsburg, NM. Most of the way I drove slower than I usually do and I was nervous. I know my Jeep. I bought her new ten years ago. Something does not feel right. I just have no idea if something is wrong with her or if I am just getting used to having her back.

I checked into the Days Inn and Suites. Luckily, I had a coupon from a travel book I grabbed free at a gas station hours earlier. The total came to $54. It's decent hotel with everything inside looking super clean. The front desk staff was very nice. They were happy to send housekeeping to my room right away with a little bag full of extra shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I'll use these on the road at some point! 



The one thing I notice that made me think twice about checking in here is that at first it appeared deserted. The remnants of a Denny's sits along the road sharing the front parking lot. There is also an old building on the right back end of the parking lot that used to house some type of business. The only thing open nearby is a small convenience store just outside the right parking lot.

Sometimes You Gotta Go With Your Gut

As a woman traveling alone I usually avoid any place that makes me think twice.  My nerves are already frayed from worrying about my vehicle, I decided to try my luck.  I picked up a pre-made sandwich and a Coke at the store  for less than $6. Then I locked the door. Now, I am laying in a massive bed so comfortable I may never want to leave!

How I made 3 Day Deadline Cross Country Solo Trip On A Budget @ Nisi Wanders

Can I cross Texas In A Day?

It was a wonderfully quiet and restful night. Now that I am fully awake I am nervous again about the state of my Jeep. I am going to get on the road soon and keep positive thoughts and fingers crossed it's all in my head.

Before I check out I am going to eat the free breakfast offered and yes, I will bring  some of the fruit with me when I leave. This means I won't have to buy food until supper time. Last nights meal (meager as it was), this mornings breakfast, and today's lunch = total just under $6.

Yes, the room cost, but not enough to fret about. I got a great deal for a great night's sleep. Now I'm off to see how far through Texas I can make it today.

Drowsy Driver Sign New Mexico - Nisi Wanders


I just don't like them! But, I have one.  I also don't like taking the major highways because I feel like I am spending all my time just driving and sleeping. Mostly, I miss the beauty and opportunities offered by traveling the smaller back roads. But, I will say this about the Texas I've sped by today; so much has been green and vibrant and have the great possibility to be interesting. I have wanted to stop and explore. Another time maybe.

On my way back east I had wanted to make another quick stop at my brothers and I am saddened that time will not allow this. I am driving long days and missing so much as I go. The reason? I really want to try and fit in at least a visit to my sisters in southwest NC. Also, my nephews' in northeast NC where he and his wife are now joined by their first baby and I really, really want to meet her!

I Just Can't Cross This State In One Day!

Motel 2... Again!

No hotel last night. I parked at McDonald's in Abilene, TX, ate a quick meal for $5, used their bathroom, and just slept right in the front seat. I've used McDonald's occasionally for both food and sleep. My "Motel 2" nights are code for sleeping in my Jeep!  If they are open 24 hours and I park under a light, I feel safe.

Many web sites encourage travelers to sleep in Walmart parking lots as most Walmart locations allow this. Unless you're in a trailer and there is more than one of you I would advise against this myself. Often Walmart parking lots are huge, they are not often open 24 hrs, and most of the lights are shut off overnight. I would prefer to be in a small lot under bright lights knowing that there are people close by should I have an emergency. Sleeping under a light can take some getting used to, but I feel it is worth it.

This morning I woke early, used the bathroom and washed up, bought breakfast for under$5. Then, I took a a 20 minute walk to stretch and get me ready for the long day of driving ahead. Now, let's see how far I get today!

3 Day Deadline to Cross The Country @ Nisi Wanders

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