Cold Nights Camping at Lake Mead

A Few Cold Nights

Sometimes, soon after arriving at a destination, one of the first things I think of is when I'm leaving. And, where am I heading next. After a few days visiting family in Las Vegas, I decided I wanted to spend a few days alone.


The weather was nice. Hot during the day and cooler during the nights. I drove down to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. For $20 a night I got a spot away from any other campers. I'll a few days here in quiet peaceful reflection with just a little writing thrown in.

I picked up more water, a loaf of wheat bread, and a package of turkey slices - along with some mustard packs from McDonald's - on my way down.

I have my lantern and a few books for the nights and will explore the trails and the lake during the day. It is much colder than I had anticipated! Luckily, I have a very warm blanket borrowed from my SIL because mine were no are close to enough to chase the overnight shivers away. I don't have a tent, so as I have done many times before, I'm sleeping in my Jeep. I love the metal body, but it seems to draw in the cold!



It's been nice. I've seen a few rangers, one on horseback and two simply along my walking path. I feel safe here. I may try this again when it is warmer and I will hope it is not super crowded.

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