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Boston Massachusetts Information

So true! 🙂 'Girls from Boston will kick your ass. You gotta be on your toes. But there’s a loyalty there that is hard to find.” Mark Wahlberg @nisiwanders from Fun Boston Facts @ nisiwanders.comClick To Tweet


The guys here are pretty great too. And it's not just those from Boston. Massachusetts folk, as a rule, are exceptional. 

But, there's a few things you should know about us, especially if you're planning to visit here.




Massachusetts has long been known for having towns with names mangled when spoken by tourists. Ask any one from Massachusetts how many times they have been asked directions to Worcester. It's almost comical how frequently this happens. It's pronounced wuh-sta. Yet, non-locals are famous for pronouncing it as wor-kester, wor-chester, even wor-cest-ster.

We have many towns with Native American names, names that just don't make sense, and names that are just plain strange. Saying a town name is often more difficult that finding it for a tourist or out-of-state transplant.

So, I am going to help you out a little with a few pages, including picture guides, to how to properly pronounce Massachusetts town names most-frequently spoken incorrectly. Read More...


What To Do In Boston

It's funny. People in Massachusetts complain about the weather a lot. I mean, we bitch about Mother Nature all the time. If it is not 74, sunny, with blue skies above, and the perfect cool breeze blowing soft to keep the heat at bay - we can find a reason to complain. Hell, we still might complain. It's just a thing we do.

Massachusetts temperatures can vary 50 degrees in a single day. It's not unheard of to have 60 degree days at the end of December and a massive blizzard bombard us in April. We remember every big storm. And, we discuss these memories. Yet, we remain. 

For example... two days ago, the weather forecast for the next day called for sunny cool days in the 30's. Later in the the day it changed to 2 inches of snow and low 20's. I woke up to a massive snow storm.

Of course I had to go out. After spending a half an hour cleaning off my windows and mirrors, I start the car to heat it up because it 12 degrees. Finally, I get in my car and on turn on my wipers and they won't work. I hadn't cleaned them off well enough. I ran through this three times. At last, the blades are running. I get in the car, reverse at high speed to make the jump over the 4 ft wall at the end of the driveway thanks to the plows. FYI, there was just no chance I was going shovel! I made the jump. Of course I did. Another FYI, I am an awesome driver. So, I make the jump, put the car in Drive, and it's then I realize the snow is so high on the hood I can't see a thing! Yes, I complained!

Still, the weather doesn't keep everyone indoors. Some do hibernate but for the brave and the willing visitor, there's great things to to in Boston in every season - regardless of the wrath, of Mother Nature.


Boston Celtics



People in Massachusetts are the best sport fans! We love our teams. We support our teams. And, we definitely defend our teams.

Yes, you may hear us bitch about something sport-related. But, that's only amongst ourselves. It's normal. We have been known to complain our teams have only won 11 out of the last 15 championships when other teams have won none.

Despite this, we still love our Pats, our B's, our Sox, and our Celts. And, don't think for a minute it would be okay to join in on the conversation if you favor a team that's not ours!

I've been all over North America and I have found that almost everyone falls into just a few categories:

  1. That hate New England teams

  2. The love New England teams

  3. They hate New England teams, but respect them as well.

The first and second are the norm. The third I run into less, but I do run into it. 

New Englanders are not only current-day sports fans, we are fans that remember, discuss, and cherish the long history of our teams. So, we leave our "r's out of a few words and have other quirks specific to our geography, big deal. Our teams rock!

Think you know our teams? I have a whole section coming up on Boston & Boston Sports. Until then, start with these...


 Famous American Firsts


Boston has so many firsts happen here and her people have been at the forefront of national firsts that are quite impressive. I've always known Boston is awesome. Despite this, while researching whether some of these facts are actual truths, I have been surprising awed. I'll post this when it's done. 


 Famous Folk From Massachusetts

Most everyone knows about Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, oh and a family by the name of Wahlberg. I have been asked so many times if I know these people. I don't even know the people that live 2 houses down! Massachusetts may be small, but it's not so small that everyone knows everyone else - though it can feel like that sometimes - six degrees of separation and all.

We love these guys, but we are also proud to have many other famous people hail from our region. Actors, writers, musicians, activists, politicians, artists, scientists, men and women that have changed the world... Massachusetts has bred them all. I'll put up that post next week.

Until then, here is a great quote (mushed down to fit in allotted tweet characters) from Boston writer David Bernstein: 

'Nobody has to tell Bostonians how great we are.We like to say we invented America, religious freedom, equal justice, the abolitionist movement, womens suffrage, modern surgery, the WWW, Morse code, the phone... You’re welcome.' David Bernstein @nisiwandersClick To Tweet"

What You Should Know About Boston Before You Visit