Bruce Springsteen @ Gillette Stadium

Overcoming a Little Fear = Fun

First time seeing "The Boss" and a very long time since I've been to a concert. What a great night! There was a some major anxiety about being surrounded by thousands of people, I almost passed on the night. I'm learning to push past some stress triggers at times knowing that once I've started the worst is over.
I met two of my favorite cousins for dinner at the Olive Garden and tailgating in the stadium parking lot pre-concert. Brenda and Janet are two beautiful people, inside and out. And, they are so much fun to hang out with! We met anther cousin inside, Michael - there celebrating his birthday with friends.


Once I got over my anxiety, I felt like a new person. I even danced with a compete stranger on the concourse and made some new friends! Sometimes it's feels too surreal to do things without my children. I am so used to them by my side. But as they did, I am "growing up' and becoming at ease with myself. The benefits of putting my nerves aside allowed me a night of fantastic music with people I love.

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