The Artistry of Bisbee, AZ

Fun Comes In Tiny Towns

This little southern town is about the quirkiest I've stumbled upon. It is definitely an artisans oasis in the middle of Arizona's vast desert. Filled with every type of gallery imaginable one can feel the creativity. Purchasing anything is nearly impossible with my budget. But, the personally-made pieces were beautiful and it was fun to spend the day admiring their wares.

The Owl Car - Bisbee, Arizona - Nisi Wanders


That this town welcomes tourists is easy to see when walking down it's one main strip. Bisbee provides all kinds of shopping possibilities as well as gorgeous architecture. It's pride in it's history is noted by all the plaques around town. And I appreciated the history lessons.


Lunch was at the famed Copper Queen Hotel. The prices are notably little high but the experience made it worth spending a few extra dollars. Fun Fact: it is the oldest continuous operational hotel in the state. This huge Victorian building is said to be haunted. And people here seem happy to share the stories of the Queen's most dubious quests that seem never to have left.



It's residential areas are odd. They stack the mountains surrounding this small town and one can see psuedo mansions sitting among the houses built at various times over the last 150 years.


Touring With Strangers

Across the highway from Bisbee's town entrance is the Bisbee Queen Mine. Beginning in the 1970's it became a fantastic little museum soon after it turned non-operational. The museum is free, but for a low fee $13 I paid to have the full mine tour. I descended into the mine with fellow travelers, safety gear on one and all.

Sometimes, as I have mentioned before, when other people see me alone they are quick to welcome me into their group. Today, I met a group of three older couples from Florida who took me under their wings. Gracious and friendly people are a solo travelers dream some days. I was happy to experience this tour with them.

The Artistry of Bisbee, AZ @ Nisi Wanders

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