The Best Part Of Solo Travel For Me

The best part of solo travel, for me, is the freedom to just be. I love driving and playing my music too. Which is good since I drive most of the time. But, there are a lot of tough days too.

It Comes With The Territory

Missing my children, but especially my grandchildren, has been the hardest part of this trip. I find myself obsessively thinking of them instead of simply enjoying the days.

Some days I think this traveling all the time by myself is not helping my depression at all. But, I am also so moody, I can't imagine traveling with someone.

Other than some periods of depressions and some anxiety issues, being on the road has been a breathe of new life. It has allowed me the opportunity to suck in fresh ideas and to reflect a lot about my life.

I probably can do more, see more, explore more, but just being alone has taken a big stone off my chest. I don't feel the pressure of pretending everything is perfect to strangers. That has honestly been the best part of solo travel.



After months on the road I find myself laughing more than I have in a while. I also cry more than I ever have in my life.

I am trying to eat better and keep healthily hydrated A goal I'm working on too is letting others in in a way I have not been open to of late. It's not as easy, for me anyway, as it sounds. I just want to be around my little ones!

Sometimes, my nerves get the best of me. I sleep in my Jeep some nights. Not only because it's more cost effective. But, also because it just seems like too much to find a hotel and have to speak to another soul - even for the few minutes it takes to check-in. 

But, I am okay. It has been too long since I felt that way. So long, I barely even remember.

I've no idea what the future holds and right now all that matters is that, most of the time, I have a good feeling things will work out for the best. I just need to make sure I get back to see my babies as often as I can! 

The Best Part Of Solo Travel For Someone Who Deals With Anxiety And Depression

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