How I Chose My Favorite Airline

I have traveled on many airlines in the last 3 decades. These last few years, I have traveled by air frequently, more often than ever before. I have very easily narrowed my favorite domestic Airline down to Southwest Airlines.

First, they offer credit cards that automatically give new members thousands of travel miles with sign up and the first year fee is waived – $79 each year thereafter. They also offer rewards for purchases of all types, not just travel-related items. The fee is worth the deals. There are other factors as well.

Some don’t like that there are no assigned seats on Southwest, but that is one of my favorite aspects. Seating is based first-come first-serve depending on when you check into the flight. I don’t care about aisle or window seats. So, even if I check in later than mos,t I am near the front of the plane. Southwest allows two carry-on items and two pieces of luggage free every flight! No other airline offers this unless you are a high-ranking card-carrying member of some kind.

The New friend I made On a Southwest Flight - Nisi Wanders

The New friend I Made On A Recent Southwest Flight


They offer “Transfarency.” I can cancel a flight up to ten minutes before take-off without being charged. I can change a flight with a few clicks and there is no charge. Heard of this in recent years? Ever? My plans can change on a moment’s notice, so I truly appreciate these options. I have never booked a flight and had it cancelled, run late, or been disappointing in any way. This is so rare in the service industry.

Southwest Airlines has outstanding customer service. They smile, look you in the eye, and speak courteously. They also show humanity and humor. Once, a little boy was flying alone and I offered to sit with him and keep him company. He was a hilarious and sweet 6-year-old. At the end of the flight, the crew gave me a few drink coupons for future flights, but more appreciated, their sincere thank you for the help. 

*This is not a sales pitch and I'm not connected to Southwest in any way. I do not receive any compensation for this post.

It's just that, truthfully, Southwest is always my first go-to when planning a flight. I have used many domestic and international airlines and not all have been sub-par. I'll mention those in their respective travel posts. 

I'd love to hear about other's experience with Southwest and any other airlines.

What are your best and worst experiences?

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