What A Mother Will Do For Their Child!

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Today my youngest daughter graduated from the Police Academy. And, to make this mom even prouder, she graduated near the top of her class. As such, she earned an award given to the one cadet that gave 100% each and every day. The process from beginning to end was tough since the academy is akin to military boot camp. Now, I just have to worry each day she puts on that uniform and does her job of serving and protecting others.


Proud Mama Graduates @ http://nisiwanders.com/archives/660


After the ceremony a crew of us went to the Cabby Shack on Plymouth Harbor. Mostly we just laughed and talked and overall had a good time. But the day started out not so great. I had been hospitalized for very low blood pressure a few days earlier.  Therefore, I required a hospital break-out in order to see my daughter and celebrate her achievement. So my son and his girlfriend pulled off the job and I made it to the festivities. It was perfect sunny spring day and it ended so much better than it began!


Read about this special day in Massachusetts http://nisiwanders.com/archives/660

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