What’s A Gal Traveler To Do When A Waxing Is In Order!


Not a subject people often talk about freely. But guess what? That just what I'm going to do. No need to be embarrassed. There's no shame in Self-Care of any kind! So, ladies... this one applies mostly to you, though I have seen and known men that get waxed as well.

We all want waxing of various types for various reasons. It is an extravagance, especially for travelers and/or those on a budget. But, if you have ever had any part of your body waxed you know it's worth doing and worth repeating!

If you live in one place and take a trip now and again you've likely found the waxing salon that fits you near your home. Once you find the right spot, you stay, right? Well, for those of us on the road, finding the right waxing salon is one of the hardest things to do, trust me!

I once varied and had my eyebrows threaded. Holy cow, did that backfire! I explained clearly that I have thick eyebrows and I like them that way. She said, "Oh no, men like the thin brow. More feminine." After very clearly explaining I couldn't care less about current trends or what men like, she seemed to understand.  She seemed to accept I just wanted the area around my thick brows cleaned up. I walked out ten minutes later with perfectly thin feminine eyebrows!

So yes, put hot wax on my face. At least I can see in the mirror and stop my her before she rips off more than I want! I do travel with a pair of tweezers and Gigi Waxing Strips. I tend to do my own eye upkeep most of the time. It's been over a year since that dreaded threading experience and my brows have never been the same. 😉 These strips have a sweet lotion that relieves any stickiness and won't make wax areas greasy.

I also use the strips for between the eyebrows, above the lip (oh, why does hair have to grow here on women?!), and any other place I want removed of hair. These are gentle, do not leave any stickiness, and a $5 box will last close to a year. True story... I once used another brand and it also took the skin with the hair. I had what looked like a Harry Potter lightening bolt scab between my eyes for days! Gigi has a hair removal cream with calming balm as well if strips aren't for you. It works great and does not have an awful residual odor like many hair removers do.

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True Stories

Once, while in Chicago, I was driving down Devon Street and I had just been thinking that it's about time I get my very feminine areas waxed. Seconds later, in stop and go traffic, I see a storefront with a neon sign advertising waxing. I parked right then, went in, and a few minutes later I'm naked from the waist down and this recent immigrant from Greece is standing between my legs. She really was the nicest person I'd met in a while, but let me just tell you now that spontaneous waxing is not a great idea! It wasn't until after I was ushered out of the waxing room that I noticed it was a two stall nail salon.

Months later I am in Las Vegas. I spent about a half hour on the internet researching the best local waxing places. Nothing stood out so I decided to wait. Later that day I am out to lunch with my sister and we pass a place called "The Pretty Kitty Waxing Salon." Nope, Not even lying! The name itself is worth 5 stars!

I went back online. I saw pictures of their salon and read reviews on their site and on others. That very same day I made an appointment. The establishment was beyond spotless. The receptionist immediately made sure I was comfortable and felt welcome. I had a good feeling about this place already. My appointment was with an esthetician. Kirsty was a professional, made sure I felt at ease in a situation that can be unsettling, did an excellent job, and it was fast and painless.

My sister, not shy at all, thinks that the whole thing is hilarious. So, she decides to post on Facebook about us finding The Pretty Kitty by chance and my visit to their salon. Did I want the world to know I just got a Brazilian? Not really. But if my biggest problem in life is knowing others knew I waxed, life is pretty good!

Some good rules to follow if you're considering waxing anything while traveling.

  • Groupon coupon to a place I've never heard of... I'll pass!

  • Cheaper isn't always better in this circumstance.

  • Hit up Yelp for reviews on places that specializes in waxing and skip anyplace with less than 4 stars and at least 5 to 10 reviews.

  • Those strip mall nail places... avoid these for waxing!!! Especially those very feminine areas!

  • Research, research, research!

  • Avoid getting waxed by someone who does not speak/understand your language clearly.

  • Don't be shy, ask other women for their experiences.

Take my advise... You want it over quick, but you also do not want the person waxing you rushing the job. And, nobody wants uneven eyebrows! And, absolutely no one wants to walk out of a waxing room feeling sticky anywhere!


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