How To Spend A Day At The water Park With Little Ones

Excited Little People

One option, besides the local beaches or ponds, on a hot summer day is Water Wizz. This water park is in southeastern Massachusetts located a short drive from Cape Cod. My youngest daughter and I decided to take her son West and my granddaughter Bianca for some water fun. Needless to say, these little ones were excited!

Water Wizz is a popular attraction. And it has gained some fame ever since Adam Sandler filmed part of the movie Grown Ups at the park in 2013. Also, upgrades and new attractions within the park have increased it's popularity. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, a lot of other folks had the same idea as us. The parking lots were full!  We arrived late in the morning and had to park  few minutes walk from the entrance. The kids didn't mind at all as they got to walk a bit along the railroad track that runs behind the park. "Railroad tracks are cool!"

We already tickets to get in so there was no waiting in line for us once we arrived at the gate. The park offers local police departments a good deal. The officers have the opportunity to to pre-purchase tickets for use anytime in one season at a discounted rate. So, my daughter, a police officer, took advantage of this deal.

We thought about renting a cabana, but chose not to because the kids would not want to sit still for too long anyway. We stowed our non-essentials in a locker and hit the attractions.



Time to Get Wet

The Herring Run River is a lazy river that lets you soak up some rays while check out other areas of the park. It's a family favorite.  Along the slow-paced ride there are water sprays, cascading fountains and just the right amount of small waves.

They really loved the Mussel Beach Wave Pool. Bianca is older than West but she is a peanut of less than 48 inches - meaning she had to wear a life vest. She is a terrific swimmer and was not thrilled, but she got used to the idea fast enough. Some of the waves were over her head! 

The kids really loved the Little Neck Beach too.  Only 18 deep, this area had slides and water play designated for only those under 7 years old. It's nice to have an area we know the kids fit perfectly in.

We grabbed a few empty lounge chairs near the wave pool and took a break. We needed to feed these kids lunch. I have no idea why kids get so excited about a simple corn dog, but they were. The food here is actually pretty good and the prices are comparable to other amusements parks.



Tired Little Ones

After lunch we had some more fun. It didn't take long for the kids to tire out though. Even though we skipped the bigger rides that offer more thrill, it'll be a while before West is ready and Bianca is tall enough, it was still a good time. My kids enjoyed this park when they were younger and it was nice to see the park improvements and to see my grandchildren have a blast there too.


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wow. Looks like you had an awesome time here 🙂