How To Save The Most $ Every Day

Malls, crowds, pretty much stores in general..not my favorite places. To me, they are way too stressful! So, I always look to do my shopping online. Online shopping is the easiest way to buy gifts for the people I care about from coast to coast. Sound like a commercial? Sorry! I really don't mean too.

Love coupon and promo codes that save you money? Well, me too!  Searching the internet for them is time-consuming. But, like everyone else, I don't want to pay full price or end up feeling like I paid too much for an item. Signing up with the two sites below is saving me money I can spend elsewhere!

How I Save

First there is EBATES. I use this a lot. Free sign-up and all you have to do is click on the store you want to shop. Plus, they have almost every store you can name. And, you earn cash back for every purchase 1% to 12% automatically.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Read how for new ways to save with Ebates!


Then there is  HONEY. Honey is a site that is free. Every time you shop it will automatically search out, find, and apply the best coupons and promotional codes available online. They have thousands of stores they will automatically apply discounts to. Time magazine says about honey...  "It's basically free money."

The Anxiety Of Store Shopping

Going into stores pretty much anytime of year honestly gives me anxiety. Anytime after Halloween is anxiety X's 100! I receive tons of coupons for in-store shopping in my mailbox, but I also receive online ones as well.

Yesterday, I got one from Banana Republic for 30% off any one one item. Today, I went to Ebates, clicked on Banana Republic (by doing this I automatically got 3% cash back on total purchase.) I picked two items I liked for gifts. And, at check out time Honey automatically added another discount I didn't know about for $10 off total and added free shipping. My $89 total came down to $52.30, plus free shipping, plus $2.67 in cash back. In the end, I paid $49.63 for $89. worth of product! That's almost 50% off and my two items were already on sale.

Later, I will be hitting Amazon for a few gifts from my products page because a few people in my family have stated how much they love and want one of my  sling bags. There will be probably be other items for myself I find on Amazon as well. 🙂

First, I will be go to my Ebates page. Then, I click on Amazon. This way I know I will receive cash back and the best deals and cash back!


I Have A Huge Family

I need to be the best shopper I can be with a family as large as mine. Do you have an unlimited fund for holiday/birthday/anniversary gift giving? Nope, me either!  My cousin Janet turned me onto Ebates - for which I am very grateful!  And, I happen to stumble across Honey. Janet, by the way, is preparing to be a grandparent for the first time! These last few months she has been doing a lot of shopping. She recently received over $300  buying items she already planned to purchase!

There are two simple ways to save on items you would purchase anyway. Give them a try and let me know how the experience was for you. Also, if you know of any other easy ways to save with online shopping I would love to hear about them. And, to share the information.

Even if you go through Ebates for the cash back, as long as you have signed up for honey you save both ways without any extra work! The holiday season is approaching fast, use these tools to save money and make money at the same time.

NOTE: Cool updates to Ebates since first posting have made it even easier to save!


More Ways to Save and Earn

Dosh is too easy! It is the perfect app for people that want the benefits of cash back credit cards without actually signing up for a new credit card. With Dosh, all you do is link your existing cards to the app. Based on what offers are currently running on the app, you get your automatic cash back transferred to your account immediately after your transactions.

Even if you use a cash-back card for the transaction, Dosh gives you extra cash back at thousands of sites and retail stores, including all kinds of travel purchases - including hotels! Just by signing up with this by Dosh link and they give you a $5 Welcome Bonus!


Ibotta is fairly new, but is already huge! It takes a little work. It's kind of like this... If you know where you will be shopping (Target, etc.) You can go to Ibotta through your app or on your pc and go to that store and click the items you plan on buying. Then, you screen shot your receipt and send it in electronically when you get home and Ibotta sends you a rebate through Paypal or regular mail. I have found you can use the app in the store and find deals or just wait until I'm home and see if I happen to buy something Ibotta has a deal on.

I'm not sure if I'll stick with it. I'm fairly lazy! But, if your willing to take a few steps, you can earn cash back on everyday purchases. Use this link and get started with a $10 Welcome Bonus!

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Cousin Janet

Great reading and love hearing about savings from stores that tend to be on the pricey side.

Nisi Wanders

Thanks. I probably wouldn’t have even written about this if it wasn’t for you! ❤️

Alyssa Johnson

Thanks for the read. I have started my holiday shopping already too, screw going into the crazy bustle later this month, but I am definitely going to get Ebates. I heard of it but never did take the time to actually sign up for it.

Rex Trulove

Since we live 70 miles from the nearest supermarket or department store, we do nearly all our holiday shopping through Amazon. As it turns out, we save considerable money that way and have items sent directly to our post office for easy pickup.