What Taking the Road Home Feels Like

It's Time

It's time to leave the mid-west and head back to MA. I love to drive and the reasons I have to get back are important. So, I must begin the journey. Spending time with the family and friends in this area has been fun and I've enjoyed my time here. And, I will miss them.  But, oh, am I looking forward to kissing my grand babies once again. Yes, I am excited to see my children too, and other relatives. Probably more than they know! But, there will never be anything like the love of  a missed grandchild to make a wandering heart melt!!

Back On The Road

Coming from the Illinois there is not a lot I want to do as I have made this trek a few times now. What I am looking forward to is the point where you're almost out of Ohio and suddenly it seems as if home is always around the next corner. The trees seems bigger somehow and more full of luscious leaves. The highway is separated by a thin forest line. And every once in a while you'll cross over a narrow body of water that never disappoints with views. Sometimes they run under the plain old road and that's okay. Other times, under a modern steel bridge. But, sometimes they run under the older covered bridges and those are always a treat to behold since they remind me of old New England.

Getting Closer

Upstate New York is simply beautiful but here is where you may run into more traffic, but at least it's still pretty. Then, it hits me just as I enter western Massachusetts that this is home! From the tiny little towns that time seems to have forgotten and the tourist towns where everything is kept just so to bring in travelers from around the globe - this is home. I can actually feel it and it's usually at this point I can feel myself physically loosen up a bit in comfort knowing I know this place. I never rush, I never speed, I always take my time and simply absorb what I had forgotten I've been missing.

Time To Get Excited

Coming down Route 3 and seeing the National Grid gas tank on the edge of Boston Harbor is the last landmark that shouts WELCOME BACK! This is the final nod to the short distance remaining and always makes me smile. Have you ever seen this tank in person? Do you know the history of it? "Originally painted by Sister Mary Corita Kent in 1971, the rainbow swashes are a welcome, lighthearted burst of color."

Each person that sees it sees an actual image in each color, but not all see the same image. Is the yellow swash Fred Flintstone and the red Ho Chi Mihn? Does the blue swash make an alligator or crocodile? I have my own thoughts and happily let others have theirs. Whatever others may think, and yes, there has always been controversy about this work of art. I feel comforted by it and cannot wait until I pass it again in just a few days for that will literally signify my loved ones are near.

Tell me what you see.

Until next time Mid-West!

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