Tips To Stay Fresh On The Road


For those of us traveling alone, the solitude can be the easiest and the hardest part of the experience. But, for those of prone to wandering, self-care while on the road is often a feat. It comes down to energy, time, mode of travel, and as with most everything  - finances.

I have used...

  • public truck stop showers

  • a face clothe and soap from bathrooms along the road

  • a jug of water beside my Jeep

  • fancy hotels and roadside motels

  • campgrounds

  • the homes of friends and family

We'd all take a 5 star hotel with it's quality shampoos, scented soaps, and big fluffy towels any day, right? That's not always and option unless you have unlimited funds. Or, if you only travel for short trips every once in a while.

I am on the road a lot and for a long time now, usually driving.  So understandably, I have had to get creative on occasion - adapting and using the resources at hand.


Based on My Experience

Here are a few tips for those that travel the road for months at a time - with a budget....

If your going to use a public truck stop, my advice is to do so during the day and only in the big stops with shops and restaurants. These are the safest and the cleanest, as well as offer the most privacy and will usually cost less than $10.00.  This will run too high a cost to do this everyday, so enjoy it!


One afternoon, in a public bathroom, I was washing with a face clothe as best I could and a woman entered. I saw the look she gave me, but she continued on. On her way out she stopped and asked me if there was anything she could do to help me. I thanked her but told her I was fine. She tried to give me money, which I refused. She then proceeded to tell me about shelters nearby. We ended up having a nice conversation. She told me she was amazed at my sense of adventure and wished me happy journeys. Still, she would not leave until she gave me her phone number in case I ever ran into trouble. She was a nice reminder of the good in people.

A jug of water can be a quick easy way to wash off the dust. But, it is only enough if your hair is not very long like mine.  One jug can last you days if you skip the hair part. Sanitary wipes in the big rolls are cost effective as well.


Campgrounds can be tricky. Some charge just to enter grounds and then for the shower as well. Might as well go to a truck stop where it's likely to be cleaner and often safer (keep your flip flops on anywhere you shower publicly!) Others charge just to enter for the day and then you can use facilities at your leisure.


You Do What You Have To Do

Sometimes, you can talk your way into a campground property by simply asking if you can have a look around the place and check things out. During a busy season it is easy to use the facilities and be out of there without any questions or problems. Not the highest of moral grounds, but when your funds are depleted and you need all your money for gas or food, it is an option.


When I do go for a luxury night at a hotel, I make the most of it! Unlimited hot water can feel like such an extravagance.  I always ask for extra soaps, shampoos, and conditioners and they are always happily given. This way I have some on hand for "jug" or "faucet" days.

Brushing teeth is easy no matter where you travel. There is always a public bathroom you can pop into. I cannot even count the times I have done this!  A few sips from a bottle of water makes brushing on the side of the road a piece of cake too.

There are other kinds of self-care besides simply washing one's body; getting a hair cut, nails done, waxing, dental care and cleanings, etc. etc. These speak nothing of the emotional, mental, and other forms of self-care one must address. These are be discussed in other posts.

Do you have some self care tips for travelers? I would love to hear them!



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