How To Snack Healthy On The Road

Feeding your body correctly while traveling can be a tough assignment. Especially for those of us that love junk snacks. When you're trying to put in 8 hours of driving into a day three decent meals is nearly impossible, so snacks are huge for the roadtripper! And, unless you want to shop around a strange town, most are purchased at Convenience Store/Gas Station Stops. Here's a few ways to curb the snack cravings, until you do make time for a decent meal, in a way in which your body will thank you.

Snack Healthy on the Road

  • Need something salty? Don't grab that bag of chips! Instead pick up a bag of peanuts or seeds. They are an excellent plant-based source of protein They are high in various vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. They can be useful as a part of a weight loss diet, and may reduce the risk of heart disease.

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  • Want something akin to real food but don't want to stop at a restaurant? Most stops have pre-made sandwiches and salads in the refrigerated section. Check the dates! I usually grab a sandwich and I always remove the slice of cheese if one is included. I'm not a big fan anyway, but also these sandwiches are usually made with the cheese most processed.

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  • Need an energy boost? Stay away from energy drinks. Instead, buy an apple or banana. Those plastic containers with pre-cut fruit are a great idea, but the price usually reflects the work of others. Fruits is full of natural sugars the bodies need and process in a healthy manner.

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  • Craving something sweet? Fruit can actually relieve this craving. But, don't give yourself too much grief for picking up a candy bar. Chocolate is good for you too! It boosts blood flow, fills you up, and can boost your mood. Just try to pick the fruit more often than the candy bar. Better yet, grab a prtien or energy bar, just pick the ones with the fewest ingredients and the least sugar.

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  • Yogurt is a wonderful road snack! Yogurt gives the body calcium and vitamin D. More importantly, travel can wreck havoc on a bodies routine and yogurt is an easy way to aid your digestive track in staying on track.

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It's not just about what we eat...

  • Thirsty? Pop and other sweet drinks don't actually quench thirst. Your body just tricks your mind into believing it does. Water, Water, Water! It's your body's greatest need. A Green Tip: Buy a gallon of water and keep a reusable bottle on hand.

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It's easy to grab the unhealthy snack. Luckily, it is just as easy to grab something that your heart, head, and body will appreciate more! 

Have any other ideas on how travelers can snack better on the road?

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I love this tips! I’m going to do a road trip soon so this is perfect timing as well <3


peanutbutter/crackers are my go to ! cracker fill you up and peanut butter great source of protein! and PRETTY tasty too! also with a side ice cold choc milk fills all my craving! !😊👍🍪🍫⚱


Great post I’m trying to change my eating habits myself.


Great! Very useful post! love it! <3


Perfect snacks for the road. Love it!

Evolving Christian

Good tips! I’m in the process of trying to eat healthier.

Erin Cotter

Awesome post! Thanks for the tips, these are great especially for someone who is constantly on the road.