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Invited to a party or gathering? Hosting one? I'm going to share a family favorite that will make prepping for your own party, or anothers', easier than ever. Dish-wise anyway. Cleaning your house or getting all pretty, or handsome, is all up to you! Apricot Meatball Appetizer may not sound scrumptious, but they are!

We call them "Wonderballs." Great name, right? One of the boys dubbed this dish so and the name has stuck. I can't remember a family gathering these have not been a part of. 

Here are the ingredients: Meatballs & Apricot Jam or Preserves.

Yes, that is all. 

Now, you can make your own meatballs - which will take the ingredients to make those, but we've been making them for years and the frozen Italian meatballs are just as good. Honestly! Homemade may score you more points though.


Step 1   Place (up to 50 bite-size) meatballs, frozen or fresh, into a crock pot. I love my Magic Mill 8.5 Quart Slow Cooker  Crock Pot. I can set the digital timer and get on with other business.

Step 2   Add two 18 oz. jars of Apricot jam or preserves. 

Step 3  Set on low for 3 hours. 

Easy Apricot Meatball Appetizer - Nisi Wanders

That's it. The result are the sweetest and most delicious game snack or appetizer.

The Only 2 Ingredient Appetizer Your Guest Will Love You For - Nisi Wanders

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  1. I have meatballs in the fridge right now!!! I’m excited because even though I made spaghetti the other night and forgot I had them. I know I have them now and just need some apricot jelly!!!

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