My Most Loved, and Used, Amazon Products

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I use these Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes all the time, and for more than one reason. Read this tip on a little known use you'll love!

Never worry about remembering to take wires with you again. I  love this charger for the built in wires for iPhone, iPad,  & Android, it's lightweight, compact and has a built-in flashlight.

I love these pillows so much I travel with them! They are soft & comfortable, come with a removable natural cooling cover, are anti-bacterial & hypoallergenic, relieves snoring & neck Pain. (2 PACK)

This is the safe you absolutely want for travel! I fits my tablet, passport, cash, jewelry etc. It is TSA accepted, has a three-dial combination lock included to secure stainless steel cable to a fixture, folds flat, and comes with backpack straps. 

Neutrogena Sunblock... need I say more? It is the best protection against the suns' rays and is a refreshing skin moisturizer. One of my always "must haves." 

 This Boston Strong Hoodie is perfect and comfy for this New England Girl! People recognize it everywhere I travel.

When I take a bath these bombs are always a part of the ritual. They have lovely light scents and other healing properties!

My granddaughter has been obsessed with these since they arrived in stores. They are a great gift for any occasion, or for any reason. They literally keep her busy for hours. And, when I am on the road they are inexpensive to send just as an "I'm thinking of you." Check out my Top Holiday Picks to the right for more of this year's Must Haves for the little ones.

I am a huge fan of my sling bags. Theses Ben Thai bags hold everything I need. They also easily fit into my luggage/backpack so I can bring a few color/style selections while I travel. Once I get to my destination, I fill it with what I'll need for the day and I'm off!

My grandson and I have had hours of fun with this toy. It's safe indoors! We use it to shoot down "bad" dinosaurs from his figure collection mostly. But, we also see who can get it in the laundry basket, hit a specific target, or we simply pretend with it.

Stylish and I can walk all day in comfort in my Sperry Tennis Sneakers. I have them in three colors and they clean easy too!

The Original Dash Cam is not only a safety measure you will truly appreciate, but allows me to easily create amazing still photographs and videos while driving. My youngest got this as a gift for me and I use it all the time!

My grandchildren. both age 5 - a boy & a girl - both absolutely love these fun toys! Great surprise treat on any day and a holiday gift the kids will love..

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