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Amazon Influencer Program - learn More @ Nisi Wanders

It's About Time!

Amazon Influencer Program is now up and running! I'm pretty excited to have been invited to join too! It is a new program aimed at social media influencers with high follower numbers and frequent social posts that include content which is available for purchase.

Influencer Marketing has become a major outlet for retailers to showcase their products to niche audiences. Brands often reach out to social media influencers. Often, they are already part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. These influencers will in turn bring their products into the realm of YouTube, Instagram, twitter, etc. in a way that is geared to create larger, and more specific, customer base. This is a powerful strategy that incorporates social media and content.

Amazon Influencer Program - learn More @ Nisi Wanders

How The Influencer Program Works

Influencers accepted into the program are given an Amazon customized vanity URL where they can curate their own list of recommended products sold on Amazon, and in turn earn a commission when anyone buys a product from their page. An intuitive vanity URL makes it easy for customers to find, browse and buy the products introduced to them through social media influencers.

Right now, there are no limits to the number of items an influencer can list on their page. For instance, I'm Boston Irish. That means I am have my hand in many pies - couldn't have just one focus if I tried! 😉  On my page (which you can find here) I have many items related to my hometown and history.

I am also a woman, a grandmother, and mother, and an all-around consumer, so I have listed items I use and buy related to these aspects of my life.

Additionally, I am an avid traveler and Jeep lover, so there are items that I have found very useful listed related to these as well. 

At this time though, with the program in it's infancy, there are some design limits. For example; I cannot put separate my travel recommendations from my my Boston-related items. This feature is on it's way, but has not rolled out yet.

Amazon Influencer Program - learn More @ Nisi Wanders

What Makes the Amazon Influence Program Different Than the Amazon Affiliates Program

Today, anyone can sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate. An Amazon Affiliate lets you build links and shopping ads that you can use on your own website or blog. When a reader clicks through to buy the product, the affiliate receive a commission on those sales, which varies by product type.

One of the key things that makes the new Influencer Program different from Amazon Affiliates is its exclusivity. Because this program is currently in beta mode it is open by invitation only. But, reading the news today, if you happen to be a social media influencer interested in joining this program, you can apply for an invitation.  in three steps.

According to the program details page, only those influencers with “large followings” will be accepted. In addition, Amazon considers other metrics, like the fan engagement on posts across a variety of social media platforms, quality of content, and the level of relevancy for Amazon.

Due to the volume of submissions, at this time, you will only be contacted by Amazon if you are invited to the program. 

Things to keep in mind about Amazon’s Influencer Program:

Amazon is not working directly with the influencers on product selection.
Amazon is not providing free products to influencers accepted into the program.
The products must be selected by the influencer.

The details around the commission structure for the products purchased on the page are being kept under wraps. So, whether an influencer will make a higher commission or the same as if an item is purchased through affiliate links is unclear. It is safe to say that it will vary depending on the product category as it does with affiliate links.

Amazon Influencer Program - learn More @ Nisi Wanders

Social Media Ramifications

The URL of your influencer page can be placed in the comments section of a YouTube video or in Instagram, for example, to reference the products mentioned. This gives your audience the easiest way to quickly purchase items you showcase.

See this FB post for example.

Your Amazon Influencer landing page also includes links to your social media accounts and website. This could mean even more engagement for you!


How Do you Share your Vanity URL?

Amazon has posted a marketing Guide with ideas and examples for sharing your vanity URL on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and your blog.

As always, you are reminded to comply with all applicable disclosure laws and regulations, per the FTC.

*If posting on social media, please remember to specify that you are using affiliate links. 


 I'd love it if you took a minute to visit My Page on Amazon! 🙂



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