Get that Degree, Take that Class – All While You Travel

Education On The Road

It's pretty simple to imagine that one will learn as they travel - new people, new places, and new experiences - these inevitably seep into our brains.

A critical aspect of my time alone is learning academically.  Online classes have increased my knowledge and alleviated loneliness.  Best of all, it creates a sense of purpose. It's also a great form of self-encouragement and self-empowerment.

Now, it’s been a while I have been migrating from place to place and from state to state. I have visited friends and family across the country, but I have traveled alone much of the time. I have taken online classes, have earned my Masters Certificate in ESL, and have 3 classes left for my Master’s in Sociology. Also, I've earned a Bartenders Certificate along the way! Who knows, I may find a use for it in the future. 🙂


Traveling Should Be Fun

Truthfully, some days I look at my computer and decide I just can't even open it - the work will have to wait. I've wanted to pull my hair out trying to figure out how to accomplish a project. And yes, some days I am just having too much fun to even think about class assignments. I have to tell myself that all of this is normal. I mean, who wants to research how wheat is the bedrock of humanity when you can be with friends, or at a concert or at a ballgame? Not me!

Then, there are the days I do little and I'm sitting in a hotel room alone, or even at a family members house, and inspiration to complete a task is just what I need to feel productive that day. I like to set goals and I like meeting them, even surpassing them. Taking classes on the road is tough, but it is often an escape, a challenge, and a way to keep the mind sharp. I don't care if the class is The History of Snoopy the Dog or 18th Century English Prose, classes force you to stop, offers untold mind-riches, and gives you a chance to pat your own back for a job well done!

No Excuses

Most of us are "connected" through our phones. laptops, tablets. These make taking classes easy! For the rare times you might need to access a library, the world is full of them. I will study or catch up on classwork while sitting in a park on a sunny day, or when holed up in a room removed from the world. And sometimes, I go to a library. I love the feeling of being surrounded by books and I cherish the quiet they supply. Best of all, most offer comfy couches and chairs if sitting at a table isn't your style. The point is... there is nothing to stop travelers from enriching themselves academically!

Easy Access

For those of you that seek no higher degree or fret about the cost of classes - here is an amazing resource I have used; EdX. EdX offers hundreds of self-paced classes from Harvard University, Boston College, Georgetown University, and many more well-know places of academia. And, they offer every one of them for free! Honestly, I have taken 3 classes through this organization and I have loved each one.

Here is another resource that may surprise you... Groupon. Yes, Groupon! Search their site.  You may be surprised at what they offer. Amazingly, I have found more than a few interesting online class offers on their site.

Is you interest still peaked? Then I'll share another option I have used before. Check online for community colleges offerings. There are literally thousands in the US and across the globe that offer a wide array of classes for often less than $300.

Try It Out

Learning on the road may sound daunting. Not surprisingly, there are many distractions.  you're out of your custom zone, and there are so many other things to do, right? Consequently, it can be hard at times. Alternatively, it can also be just what the doctor ordered! Drop me an email if you decide to take a class. I'd love to know how other travelers find taking classes on the go. 

By the way, I've no affiliation with any of the links on this page, except that I have used them!

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