2017 In Review

The Past Year Has Not Been Perfect

But, then, no entire year ever is without some pitfalls. 2017 was no exception. Nevertheless, I think I can safely chalk it up to it being an over winner. here's the highlights...

The Good

  • I was able to travel more. Made it through 3 countries without any speakable mishaps.

  • Lost 40 lbs.

  • Had the privilege of spending time with friends and family all over the country.

  • Made new friends and got to see many old ones too.

  • Got to spend more time with the kids.

  • I learned a lot!

  • Saw my best friend marry the love of her life.


The Bad

  • Had to have 3 surgeries and another one lined up in the coming weeks.

  • Travel, for all it's good, has messed with my sleep patterns. Takes me longer to get back into the right sleep rhythm.

  • I'm still waiting to be ready for a real first date as an adult.

  • Did not finish all the goals I set for myself at the end of 2016

  • I did not strike it rich.

Yea, I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. Although, I was really hoping for the rich part. 🙂


Not All Goals Must Be Met! - Nisi Wanders

Goals Fulfilled and New Ones Set

Setting goals is a habit of mine. Little ones like remember to eat more vegetables this week to larger ones like re-discover my six-pack! And, many in-between.

I've been telling myself to set aside to the time to transfer one of my children's book to an E-Book for a few years. Finally, I did. Now, I can't wait to have the time to do this to my other books.

I also want to write two new ones this year. Writing them is so much easier than making them into E-Books! One of the things I have learned is to consider the E-Book factors when designing the new ones.

 Finally, I made my blog public. I don't know why I held it up for so long. It's been on my to do list for many moons. I think it was because I kept hearing how I had to find a "niche" and stay within it or nobody would like it. I couldn't decide on oneMy interests are just too varied, my experiences various, my tastes fickle, and my passions many. And, I certainly wasn't going to spend the time or money maintaining more than one blog, I do want to have a life too! I eventually arrived at the decision to ignore the advise of many and just do the blog I wanted. It's been a fun ride learning - sometimes mind-numbing and frustrating too. But, overall it has been a great experience. 


I also monetized my blog. This had been a goal I kept procrastinating. People told me I needed to have more years of blogging experience under my belt, that I needed a media kit completed, and that I simply didn't know enough, yet. I foolishly listened. I have no idea why. You've no idea how excited it was to get my first check a month in - a whopping $4.39! Luckily, things have grown some since that first one. Within  two months I had my first national deal. 

I make lists everyday. Some days I complete them, other days just suck.  One of my new goals is to finish my daily lists, but more importantly, to also to stop expecting so much of myself everyday. I feel like I have failed when there are items not checked off. In reality I would need to be 20 years younger to have the energy to finish every list every day and secondly, my daily goals are often too lofty. I need to give myself days, weeks even, with some projects. So, no more impossible goals on the daily lists!

Another lesson I accepted this past year was to slow down. I love being on the road and actually can''t wait to get back at it - it's 7 degrees in Boston right now! But, all good things are not just "out there."  

What are your goals for the new year? And, what are the lessons you have learned this past one? 

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  1. Loved your post, Nisi. I, too, have always been an overachiever and went to sleep each night doing a checklist of what I’d accomplished that day. Looking back (from the ripe age of 63), I wish I’d been a bit easier on myself.
    I feel very proud that I overcame the horrific experience of learning WordPress at my age. Computers didn’t even exist back when I was in school. The learning curve has been so painful and frustrating (thereby needing to follow your Da’s advice!), but each time I master something new, I feel such a sense of accomplishment.
    I’ve yet to make $4.00, let alone more. It’s sort of disappointing. But I have discovered Instagram and I love it and many people like the photos of my food. So, that’s nice.
    I never even had a facebook page before this blog craziness. For some reason, I decided to let it all hang out there. It’s rather freeing.
    I’ve had 8 surgeries in the past 10 years, so I’m with ya, there. Good luck on that!
    I remarried at 49 and found the love of my life. We are still happily married. I think your second marriage can be so great because we have acquired so much wisdom.
    Happy New Year to you and your kids and good luck with your e-books. I know they’ll be successful and I’m sure that publishing each one will be easier and easier.

    1. Vicky, Thank, as always, for commenting and your kind words! My goodness we have a lot in common. I actually chuckled at “horrific experience” – it’s so true! I watch my kids and have always been amazed how fast they are to pick on new tech. But, I guess they are really the first generation to have it be a part of their everyday life so it’s not surprising. My youngest son helps me a lot with advise and suggestions. It has made a lot of this online stuff much easier. I wish I had asked him more about blogging before I began! I just wanted it up and running before sharing. And, don’t be discouraged about the lack of income, it will come. I’m posting today about my experience blogging from start until now and how it’s going, maybe there will be a nugget in there you can use. I found your blog, and Pinterest and Instagram pages and will check them out and follow them all. Until next time 🙂

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