10 Super Easy Steps To Starting A Blog

  Let's go...

Stick with me and your blog will be up and running in just 10-15 minutes. Seriously!


 Section 1

 You'll Need A Domain Name

Already Have one in mind? Awesome! Go ahead to skip to the next section.

Picking a domain name can be the toughest step in the whole process. You'll want one that will reflect you, your style, and your niche (or multiple niches). 

Here is a little help in deciding. There's two types of domain name choices for a blog: A) your name or B) a branded name.

For A) You can use your first name, full name or a variation of your name.  I use a variation of my name by using my first name with wanders after it. I chose this because so many that know me have made comments over the years regarding me and wandering. Either I wander physically by traveling or my mind wanders because I'm always thinking. I could have chosen Nisi's Blog, or Blog By Nisi, ect. 

For B) Branded name examples sites like Etsy, The Gap, Shenanigan's Pub. 

Not sure still? That's okay. The hosting company I use and recommend in #2 will let you know which names you might want to use are available and will give it to you for FREE when you sign up (usually they are $14.99 or more!)


Section 2

Setting Yourself Up With A Hosting Company.

A hosting company stores all your blog data.

There are many companies to choose from. I have used three over the years. I highly recommend using BlueHost. It is the best I have used and I am so happy with them for a few important factors:

A) It is very well-known and has the best reputation - for good reason!

B) It's very easy to use - even for someone that has never had their own site.

C) It is very affordable. Especially if you use this page to sign up. They'll let my readers sign up with a discount just over 50% & they'll give you the domain name for free. It's a great deal. NOTE: Bluehost just let me know they'll go even lower to almost an 80% discount - just $2.65 a month - if you act now!

D) BlueHost is very easy to use.

E) BlueHost service provides extremely high-speed page load times.

F) It's a US company with excellent customer service. The offer assistance by chat, phone, email - and they have employees that can talk you through any issues with ease.

G) They offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


Section 3

Setting yourself up with a hosting site

There are a lot of free hosting sites to choose from, just check google. But first, ask yourself if your blog may grow into something you really want to invest time into. If this is a possibility, even if it isn't, I recommend going with wordpress.org. The options it has are near-limitless. From the very, very simple to the intricate sites using coding for creation you cannot go wrong with this platform. Wait! Don't run there just yet. Keep going and I'll show you how to get Sections 1, 2, & 3 all done at the same time.

Ready? Let's Begin...


#1. Click HERE to sign up for hosting with Bluehost. 

 the best web hosting 50% off 

#2. Click the Green Get Started button.

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#3. Choose Your Plan.


$4. pick your free domain name or bring over your current domain. 

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#5. Fill in your info or click the blue button and sign in with google and Place your order.


The best web hosting 50% off

#6. install wordpresss - the software that will run your site.




#7. Click green button to bring you to next step. where check you will check “Show advanced options”  and fill in the title, username, and password. The title will be the name of your blog. The username and password will be what you use to login to your blog. 
IMPORTANT: write this information somewhere where you won’t lose it. Bluehost does the work for you by installing WordPress on your blog server.


#8. Click the “View Credentials” button on the top right.


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#9. Click on “Admin URL” (located below the green box) and enter your WordPress login credentials from step #8. This will take you to your WordPress dashboard. This is where you will do almost everything on your blog. 

the best web hosting 50% off

This is what the dashboard will look like. Now all that is left is to pick a theme!


the best web hosting 50% off

#10. pick a theme for your blog by clicking Appearance on the left. you can purchase a one, but i suggest starting out with a free theme. There are literally thousands to choose from. And you can change formats, colors, add logos, etc. to make it perfectly yours. 

Now, pat yourself on the back... You have just created your blog!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by leaving a comment or by Email: info@nisiwanders.com 

10 Super Easy Steps To Start A Blog In Just 10 Minutes

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