How Social Media Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Social Media is a Curse

Sound weird coming from a blogger? I live with social media every day. Let's face it, technology has been changing our way of life in greater doses exponentially since before the term was invented. It rules our lives in every way. From the cars we drive, to how we find a mate, to the way we approach buying a home. We can debate the pros and cons of technology another day.

I am speaking just of the use of social media platforms. I love using many of them. Pinterest is feakin' awesome! I also use Facebook - though not as often as I used too. Instagram and occasionally Snapchat are others. They are fun. I wrote about the Benefits of social media. Now, it's time to address the harsh realities of the other side - the ugly side.

I don't know about you, but I am literally tired of seeing negative posts on social media. I am not talking about the bad covered by the news media - there are unpleasant current events we should be aware of. I'm talking about social media

Have you seen posts on Twitter, Facebook, etc. that are just unnecessary and mean. Have you ever seen a meme or post and thought; "I wonder if they are talking about me?" If so, and I have done this in the past, this means social media is affecting you in a negative way.

There will always be negative people in the world. These people will frequently toss posts into the universe helter-skelter. These are meant to garner attention, sympathy, approval, whatever the person posting is seeking. Often, they mean. They hold nothing of value or have said nothing of truth. They are a malingerer's way to feel better about themselves - superior to another, even many.

Have you seen the horrific pictures or read about a person(s) killed in a car accident because someone was looking at their phone and not the road? I have seen this too many times.

How about a person being "cyber-bullied" so much they take their own life? Have you ever known a person that will put into a post or a text something they would never say face to face?  Ever heard of a "cyber-stalker? These are realities we face.


“Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.” Pete Cashmore, Mashable CEO Click To Tweet


10 Reasons Social Media is a Curse

  1. A lot of information planted in the online world is false, twisted, or just plain wrong.

  2. It can be a distraction from living daily life.

  3. Allows users an inflated sense of popularity that may boost negative actions.

  4. Raises chances of lessening "real" interaction between people.

  5. Promotes false ideals of beauty.

  6. Is often used to "bully" others - adults and children alike.

  7. Can lower self-esteem by creating a distorted sense of own worth.

  8. Loss of privacy. 

  9. It can be dangerous (texting and driving).

  10. Often decreases productivity.


“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” David Alston Click To Tweet


Here's How To Ensure Social Media Is A Positive In Your Life 

Basic decent human interaction should still be present online. So, be kind.

If you haven't already...Iearn to ignore the negativity!

As your follow and followers lists grow, weed out those that do not bring you happiness, knowledge, or support. The longer I have been involved on social media, the easier it has become to extract these people from my life - on and offline. 

Face it... unless you get off social media or use only sites that allow you to block people, or have setting you can turn to private, there are going to be people not on your friends list that will cyber-stalk you any way they can. Accept this.

Don't's =

No using the phone while driving.

Value your life and yourself by your own standards not any you perceive on social media.

Don't let social media slow your productivity (homework, house work, whatever needs doing.)

Don't believe everything you see or read.

Make sure you socializing is not done entirely through social media. Don't let it isolate you.


In the end the pros of social media far outweigh the cons, especially for someone on the road as much as I am. For that, I am grateful. Read about the positives social media can bring too

10 Reason Why Social Media Can Be Harmful And Ways to Keep It Positive.

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V Wilson

Hey, Nisi, I agree with your, entirely. I have a question about my daily email from you. There is no longer a “continue to read” option to click on. It only shows comments. I had to go to your site and do a search. Thought you should know! Have a good day! Vicky